Book Birthday 🎉🎂

Do you have your own copy? Don’t forget the light 🕯️…

Book Birthday 🎈🎂

Grab a copy! It’s a wonderful adventure!

Book Birthday

Where’s your copy? Share with your friends and family!

Pad Challenge Day 30

Pad Challenge Day 29

Pad Challenge Day 28

Follow Friday

Today, we ask that you leave in the comments, great pages that you think we should follow. Be sure to include your own link!

Pad Challenge Day 27

Throwback Thursday

Here we show love to those books that are already out. Tell us about it with it links and blurb! Don’t have but one? Share it! Have not published yet? Share your favorite author. Let’s make the comments pop with suggested reading!

Maybe your next read will be in the comments below! We are always looking for our next read, and everyone asks about your newest volume.

Pad Challenge Day 26

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