Gender Roles and the Issue in Schools in the U.S.

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Today on Facebook, this article came across my feed: .

This article made my temper boil, and I’m pretty good at controlling my temper nowadays. But now that I am calmer, I want to post my thoughts about it. I hope you all comment so we can have an adult conversation about it.

To begin, gender roles have been a hot subject lately. Yes, it has been a hot subject for a very long time thanks to the women who fought to get women more rights than we used to have. However, due to the LGBT+ community getting rights, FINALLY, the fight for gender roles and gender types has turned into a wildfire.

According to the World Health Organization: “Gender refers to the characteristics of women, men, girls and boys that are socially constructed. This includes norms, behaviours and roles associated with being a woman, man, girl, or boy…

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The little stranger II – Patricia Harris

pattimouse was published on another blog!

Brave & Reckless

My mind welcomed the stranger at the start of the day

the beginning of my plan blew to hell,

the little stranger that entered my life

added to the need to be strong.

The stranger that brought such turmoil

to a life so calm and true,

was brought in from a mind confused,

Its name was anxiety,

and it forced its way in.

Photo by Uday Mittal on Unsplash

Patricia Harris is a dreamer, crafter, gamer, and digital artist who loves creativity in life. A half-mad poet,  her writing is found all over social media and various other websites. She is a devoted mom who can be found doing a variety of art when she isn’t penning poetry and writing words. She is half of the indie publishing company Fae Corps publishing. Her collection of writings include a memoir,  children’s books, and poetry. For more from Patricia, check out Facebook or Pattimouse.  Her books are all listed on Books2Read

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Creative Spotlight – Amber Montague

Hello everyone and welcome to our Creative Spotlight! Our first spotlight is on Amber Montague. Her business is Carefree Stitches, where she knits some of THE cutest items! When asked how long she’s been a creative, she told us all of her life. “Mom got me started with coloring and baking. Her mom with sewing. My dad’s grandma taught me to crochet. Knitting… I learned from YouTube! Haha!”

Her hobby, or latest obsession, as she told us, is knitting and she also plays World of Warcraft. She lives in Texas and has two sons, 26 & 20. She also has 2 adorable black kitties named Zazu, & Zuri, whom she loves to pieces.

We discussed creativity block and she told us that she either goes to one of the co-owners of FCP, Cyndi Pilcher, for inspiration, or “I take a break and watch TV or do something else to “rinse” my brain out a bit.”

She chose to be an indie creative because she loves sharing her art and she’s hoping it will inspire others. She can be found at WordPress or Instagram!

Author Spotlight: Renata Pavrey

Everyone welcome Renata Pavrey! She has been writing all of her life and writes short stories, poetry, and is a blogger. We asked her what started her writing, and her answer was: “I love reading and have been surrounded by books all my life. Writing has been an extension of my reading.”

We discussed being an Indie Author and this was why she chooses to be one: “I’m not from a literature or journalism background. Coming from the science field (I have a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics), the writing and publishing industries are completely different arenas for me. Becoming an Indie author was more of an unconscious decision of merging my love for the written word and bringing that out to readers. I’m quite clueless about literary agents and how to navigate publishing houses.” She has short stories, poetry, essays, articles and artwork published across books, journals and magazines. Some of the anthologies that feature my work come from: Raven & Drake Publishing, Black Ink Fiction, Sweety Cat Press, Ghost Orchid Press, Her Voice.

She lives in India and currently has 2 cats and 3 foster kittens. Her hobbies include: reading, writing, gardening, dancing, going for long walks and runs, playing with her pets, and watching movies.

We discussed writer’s block and when she suffers she takes a break and does something else – work out, paint, plant seeds, click pictures of the pets and plants, or read a book in a completely different genre from what I’m writing.

She can be found here: Amazon

Laura Moverin – Author Spotlight

Hello everyone! Today we had the lovely Laura Moverin speak with us about her writing.

We asked her how long she has been writing and who (or what) got her started. She said she has been writing her entire life. She said one of her teachers, Helen Hanson, was a great influence, particularly in poetry.

We discussed being her being an Indie Author, and this is what she had to say: “I’m probably a bit of a maverick and I’ve never been that wise in business so I guess you could say this is the likely place I would land.”

When we asked if she had been published, she told us that we could find her in Fudoki Magazine and a number of poetry journals. She also has a website, 4love alone, here on WordPress.

We asked her about where she lives, what her hobbies are, and if she has any pets. She told us she lives in Brisbane, Queensland. She loves to dabble in art with mixed media and has three cats named Ember, Jasper, and Bliss.

We had a nice talk about writer’s block and if she ever deals with it. She said she does and she deals with it by switching back and forth between painting and writing. She never loses her connection with the creative spark, it just takes different forms. She also believes that it is okay to have fallow times where you rest and regenerate. And we totally agree!

Make sure you share this post with your friends and check out her website – 4love alone- here on WordPress!

Stephen Michael Berberich

Stephan is a journalist, an amateur horticulturist, a naturalist, and he writes about fictional characters as a way to express how he really feels about things. He has been a creative for 74 years and writes novels and short stories.

We asked him how he started, and he told us it was back in fourth grade. He loves being an Indie Author because it gives him freedom. For fun, he toils in his garden and writes in his home in Maryland, USA.

If you would like to find out more about him go to his website: Stephen and his books can be found here: Amazon

Announcing Beneath Raven’s Wing

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Slamming Holiday!

Photo by Pixabay on

So…Poets! we are going to do a celebration for Yule of the written word.

We are looking for video of slam poetry to fill the day with.

We want slam style spoken word.

We want to celebrate the Holiday with the magic of poetry.

This is not a paid call, it is just fun.

We are wanting to showcase not just the words, but the energy and magic of the poet as well.

Topic is unlimited, time is limited to no more than 20 minutes each.

We will post the accepted videos to the social media outlets all day of the 23rd.

We would like some that celebrates holiday magic, but we are only doing the restriction that it be spoken poetry, no vulgarity, no violent themes.  send videos to with the topic of YULETIDE POETRY SLAM!

Include in the Video an introduction and in the email a bio with links.

Happy Holidays

From our Fae Corps Family to yours, happiest of Thanksgivings and any other Holiday you are celebrating. To all of our readers we wish safe tidings and good health to you all.

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