Teaser Tuesday

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What are you working on? Share with us a teaser for something that you are doing or have done. Share links too so that we can find you! Don’t want to share your work? Then share another indie so that they can be seen!

Call For Submissions

We are looking for your scares. What could scare the monster under the bed? No limit on how scary or dark or not these are.

This anthology is limited to the thriller/horror genre. 


Short Story word count min/max: 3k/5k

Art/Photography: up to five must be printable quality

Poetry/Haiku: up to 5 each per topic


Submissions Should be emailed to Faecorpspublishing@gmail.com with the subject of Darkness Screams. 

Submission is to be sent as either an attachment or Google Docs Link.

Due by August 1, 2022

Specific Genre  

Short stories/Poetry/Art/Haiku/Photography.

Currently, there are 9 story slots and 10 slots for art/poetry, etc. We may if we receive enough quality submissions decide to open up more volumes to accommodate more openings. 

This is a paid anthology. You will if you get in receive a portion of the royalties…however you will be expected to assist in the marketing of the anthology.

Editing is provided. If your story is in draft form it is still acceptable, however, it must be readable. Gore is acceptable, however, do keep it reasonable, no one wants to read gore for gore’s sake.  We do not accept erotica at this time.  We are here to showcase good indie authors and are more than willing to help those just getting started.

We will accept stories that have been published before,  as long as you retain publishing rights. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Follow Friday

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Today we ask that you leave in comments great pages that you think we should follow. Be sure to include your own link! 😍

Throwback Thursday

So, This is where we talk about older books. Has your book been out a year or more? Tell us about it! Links and blurb, and maybe your next read will be in the comments below! We are always looking for our next read, and everyone asks about your newest volume.
Here we show love to those books that are already out. Don’t have but one? Share it! Have not published yet? Share your favorite author. Let’s make the comments pop with suggested reading!

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Indie Wednesday

We are all about promotion of the indie here. Are you a indie artist or author? Post links to your work! This is the place to brag about your work. Or do you know an indie that needs to be seen? Post a link. Sharing is caring after all. We also welcome you to post services for the indie… If you are an editor, cover designer, or something like that… Post that link!

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