Pad Challenge #22

If the topic of the dying flower bothers, you…Then write about change. Did you cause the change? Did someone else? Write about the change, what is the result?

PAD Challenge #21

What is your Hobby? Do you remember that time you were learning to do it? was it easy? or more difficult? Write about it.

PAD Challenge #20

the Acrostic form can be fun…in case you don’t know what the acrostic form is –

The word choice is yours…what word makes your skin crawl?

PAD Challenge #19

Or if you cannot see how this would be, write about the masks that you wear to keep the peace, and keep moving forward yourself.

PAD Challenge #17

just a reminder to the form of ode – What animal are you going to do an ode to?

Teaser Tuesday

What are you working on? Share with us a teaser for something that you are or have done. Share links too so that we can find you… Don’t feel like sharing your work? Well share another indie so that they can be seen!

PAD Challenge #16

So many Options with this one. What is your favorite era? Why? How would you react to finding yourself in a different era? How do you think that you would survive?

PAD Challenge #15

In case you want more information about the courts… So write about which court you would like to be a part of, and why.

November Is Here

Nanowrimo is important to writers, but it is not for everyone. Poets tend to prefer doing a PAD challenge in November. If you are unsure what either of those mean…Nanowrimo is a challenge for writers to produce 50000 words in a month’s time. There are many tools for writer’s participating in such.

The PAD challenge is a Poem A Day. the reason is the same. We are looking to have a books worth of writing done in that month.

Here on the Blog We will post a daily prompt for this. ON Facebook and Slack we will be hosting some Daily Sprints. We are writers as well, so this is how we are helping our community during a busy time.

So the First prompt for the PAD challenge is:

Use whatever form you would like for this one. Even Art if you want. If you want, Comment your writing or Email it to us at We will feature the best in our newsletter or here on the blog.

Follow Friday

Today we ask that you leave in comments great pages that you think we should follow. Be sure to include your own link! 😍

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