Cindy M. Snow-Pilcher

Cindy M. Snow-Pilcher has wanted to be a writer since she was 12 years old. Her dream of being a published writer came true on August 5, 2015, when she was 43.
Nita and the Honeybees was the first children’s book published in her Woodland Adventures and she followed it up with Keko and the Lost Bananas in July of 2020.
Since 2019, she has been working on her own fantasy world, Cassari, which leans heavily in the realms of Fae. The Birchwood Faeries are always on the edges of her mind and she has written a couple of short stories about some of the denizens.
In 2019, she started working on a novel, Gem of Krysvaris, and has made it her primary goal in 2022 to finish it and have it published by or in December 2022.
She doodles, draws, colors, and paints various things and media to bring smiles and peace to those that need it.
Her twin flame is Herschel Pilcher III, she has two grown-up children (blood), multiple ‘adopted’ children, 6 grandchildren, two furbabies (one cantankerous kitteh and one rambunctious overprotective pup), and a multitude of friends and family that have helped her stay sane in the chaos that has befallen Mother Earth.
She can be found on FB and Instagram: @ChaoticCreation13 or just look up Chaotically Creative Cindy. Blog coming soon!

Nita and the Honeybees Signed

Two young bears learn how to handle bullies in a peaceful way in the first book of The Woodland Adventures series. Follow along as Nita and Meeko learn how important flowers are to honeybees and the dangers they face getting to them.


Keko and the Lost Bananas Signed

This is the second tale in The Woodland Adventures series. In this tale, someone steals Keko the monkey’s bunch of bananas. Keko goes on a small adventure to find her lost bananas and the animal that took them learns a lesson about stealing.


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