Our upcoming..

Book Birthday!

Do you have your copy yet? https://books2read.com/internalbattlefields

Upcoming books

Our schedule is packed through June! We have at least one more book that is not showing up on the above image (DW Storer’s Blue Ted’s Easter Adventure is also due in June but I don’t have the cover quite yet) I am not sure but I also may have one more from CM Snow in June….or July…we have to decide on the next release date for Nita and the honeybees.

Our Reading list is growing!

Our Reading list has updated!

Do you own all of our catalog?

Also keep an eye on the list over the next few months…We have a busy calendar through June. Including the first release of NK Xero’s Poetry volume Valley of Thoughts, Ruan Bradford Wright’s Novel Toe Rag, Raz T Slasher’s Riverside Chronicles, Ashira Dayta’s first book in her Life Trilogy, DW Storer’s 2nd book of the through the mirror darkly series…and possibly a few more…

More April News

So, April is National Poetry Month.

It’s a busy one here at Fae Corps Publishing.

The blog is going to be doing a Pad Challenge – Daily creative prompts to incite creative ideas.

Jennifer Elliott is releasing State of Mind

Patricia Harris is releasing Internal Battlefields

Nk Xero is releasing Valley of Thoughts (watch here for a cover reveal)

Our newsletter will have a second edition of nothing but poetry (usually there’s a flash fiction and art as well) to celebrate National Poetry Month. The second one is going to be sent out around the middle of April.

Remember poetry…

April is National Poetry Month. That is usually celebrated by us with a daily poetry prompt here on the blog. The prompt can be used to inspire art, stories, or poetry. We will gladly post any that is sent to us. We have a new email address just for submissions! fcpsubmissions@gmail.com

Be sure to check here for the daily prompt in April! Plus we have two separate poetry books releasing in April – State of Mind by Jennifer Elliott and Internal Battlefields by Patricia Harris. It will be a busy month for us!

Book Birthday!

Ethereal Dreams by Patricia Harris releases today. It is a volume of poetry with a almost emphyreally disconnected feel. Do you own a copy yet?

Book Birthday!

Thoughtcicles by Patricia Harris releases today. It is a volume of poetry with a lot of poetry focused on relationships. Do you own a copy yet?

And the wrap up

So, what was your favorite book of the ones offered this year? Did you get them all? We have enjoyed bringing you these books and the fun characters in them.

Happy Holidays to all from Fae Corps Publishing. Now Fae Corps Publishing is officially on vacation until after the first of the new year.

Day 6 kids week


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