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We accept multiple types of media. Send it as an attachment in email to Make sure to include a bio in third person, along with a photo of yourself.

For photos or art, you may include a caption of up to 500 words.

For poems, you can send up to five, and max lines of 50.

Short stories up to a max word count of 5000. No erotica and no blatant gore for gore’s sake. We are open to all other genres, but, if it is difficult to read due to gore or cruelty , then we will not be willing to post it.

Previously published work is okay, as long as you still have rights to publish. Please inform us where it was published so we may include the information in the post.

There is no fee, and we can not at current pay contributors. All authors and artists retain the copyright and creative control of anything we post.

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Another kids week cover reveal

Watch here for the preorder link coming soon.

Darkness Screams: Whisper Quiet

Full of wonderful stories, here is images for each of them.

The Art is high quality, and the poetry is worth the read.

If you have not ordered your copy already, Why Not?

Darkness Screams Howling Deep

The Stories are amazing. We have an image for each story.

The Art is high quality, and the poetry is worth the read.

If you have not ordered your copy already, Why Not?


The third title for kids week

We are pleased to be publishing D.W. Storer’s books. Including, and starting with, Blue Ted’s Snowy Day Adventures. Check back in a week to see the full cuteness of the cover!

Cover Reveal

We are proud to announce the first release for Kid’s week this year is by author A.R. Clayton! Check back here soon for more details and the preorder link!

A Fan Fic poem

The Fae Story Aray

by Jennifer Elliott

Some flit and play
Some walk and say what a gorgeous day
All the fae come to the Corps
They share their stories
They share their poems
Pieces of their lives
Pieces of their souls
Some fileted on display
Some in sunshine and glowing
Does anyone outside the Corps
know how much these stories are worth ?
Can they see the starlight that each author gave?

Jennifer Elliott is a nerd, mom, wife, and avid book collector. She loves learning new things and reading new stories with her three little munchkins. Her goal is to write a good haunted house story and then become a better writer as she goes. She recently has been published in both of the Darkness Screams Anthologies. (Howling Deep & Whisper Quiet)

Follow Friday

Today we ask that you leave in comments great pages that you think we should follow. Be sure to include your own link!

Woman, Always Enough — michnavs

Woman, Always Enough and when the night unfoldsi ask the universe as i was toldnever good never enoughfor what makes a woman goodfor what makes her enough?how much of too much is too littlewhat makes more a little less?for time and time againshe’s always toldyou’re never enoughno matter whatfor whatever it takesmay we all rememberwe […]

Woman, Always Enough — michnavs

Another kids week cover reveal

Check Back next week for the revealed cover.

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