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We accept multiple types of media. Send it as an attachment in email to Make sure to include a bio in third person, along with a photo of yourself.

For photos or art, you may include a caption of up to 500 words.

For poems, you can send up to five, and max lines of 50.

Short stories up to a max word count of 5000. No erotica and no blatant gore for gore’s sake. We are open to all other genres, but, if it is difficult to read due to gore or cruelty , then we will not be willing to post it.

Previously published work is okay, as long as you still have rights to publish. Please inform us where it was published so we may include the information in the post.

There is no fee, and we can not at current pay contributors. All authors and artists retain the copyright and creative control of anything we post.

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Motivational Monday

It’s another week, another Monday!

So tell me, what’s your desk to get done for this week? Let’s boost and motivate each other!

Image by Becca Clark from Pixabay with text added by Azlyn Fae.

Book Birthday

To the person in our contact

Thank you. I understand that you feel like we need an editor here on this site. You pointed this out with a snide aspiration of being better than us. I am sorry that you feel like we need you to judge us. And then you sent an email with it of drop spam here…I believe that your message would have more impact if you adjusted your tone and attitude. Thank you for the input, I will be taking it with the realization that it was sent out by someone who has need of help. I hope you find that help.

Pad Challenge April 2022 Day Thirty One

Follow Friday

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Today we ask that you leave in comments great pages that you think we should follow. Be sure to include your own link! 😍

Pad Challenge April 2022 Day Thirty

Pad Challenge April 2022 Day Twenty Nine

Throwback Thursday

So, This is where we talk about older books. Has your book been out a year or more? Tell us about it! Links and blurb, and maybe your next read will be in the comments below! We are always looking for our next read, and everyone asks about your newest volume.
Here we show love to those books that are already out. Don’t have but one? Share it! Have not published yet? Share your favorite author. Let’s make the comments pop with suggested reading!

Pad Challenge April 2022 Day Twenty Eight

Indie Wednesday

We are all about promotion of the indie here. Are you a indie artist or author? Post links to your work! This is the place to brag about your work. Or do you know an indie that needs to be seen? Post a link. Sharing is caring after all. We also welcome you to post services for the indie… If you are an editor, cover designer, or something like that… Post that link!

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