Patricia Harris

Patricia Harris is a dreamer, crafter, gamer, and digital artist who loves creativity in life. A half-mad poet,  her writing is found all over social media and various other websites. She is a devoted mom who can be found doing a variety of art when she isn’t penning poetry and writing words. She is half of the indie publishing company Fae Corps publishing. Her collection of writings includes a memoir,  children’s books, and poetry.  Her books are all listed on

A Pocketful of Poetry Signed

The first of many poetry volumes from a half mad poet. Poetry of survival, life and abuse. Seventy poems in total.


Beauty’s Tears Signed

Another Volume of poetry by the Half Mad Poet Patricia Harris.


Creative Juices Signed

The stirring poetry from the muse of a half mad poet who is learning how to heal.


Dream Drips Signed

A volume of poetry written by a half mad poet, Patricia Harris. Dreams in written form.


Dream Webs Signed

A web of random words weaved intricately into poetry by a half mad poet.


Half Mad Meanderings Signed

The random musings about life and writing in poetic form from a half mad poet.


Heart Drops Signed

Love Poetry and art from the Half-Mad Poet Patricia Harris. The theme of Love permeates the volume with a heart filled nearly to burst.


Ink Splashes Signed

A volume of poetry from the half mad poet, Patricia Harris. Covering LGBTQ+ Topics, as well as life from the poet’s perspective.


Life Drops Signed

Moments of life poetry wrung from the mind of a half mad poet.


Literary Drops Signed

Drops of various random poetry pulled from the mind of a half mad poet.


Music for the Soul signed

A volume of lyrical poems to soothe the savage beast of the half mad poet.


Poetic Reminders Signed

a volume of poetry from a half mad poet written about troubling times to remind everyone of the beauty that remains in the world. Includes two poetry Collaborations with Bryt De’Poet.


Poetry Kisses signed

Poetry pulled from life and the times we live in. A volume from the mind of a half mad poet.


Prompted Prose Signed

A volume of poetry, Mostly from prompts, from the mind of a half mad poet.


Sacks of Wit signed

A volume of poems from the leaky sack that contains the half mad mind of a poet.


Song of Shadow Signed

A Reflection of the year, this is a volume of shadowy poems by the half mad poet, Patricia Harris.


Soul Drops Signed

A drop of the poetic soul of a half mad Poet. Various poems for your reading pleasure.


Soul’s Door Signed

A volume of poetry that offers an intimate glimse into the mind of a half mad poet.


Spilled Verse Signed

A volume of poetry from a half mad poet. Patricia Harris Publishes roughly three volumes a year. Each a unique view.


Temporal Verse Signed

A Timely volume of poetry from a half mad Poet about topics from life and the times we live in.


The voices within Signed

Poetry from a half-mad poet. This volume of poetry visits the mental gremlins and that annoying voice inside that doesn’t always speak happy things.


Wayward Dreams Signed

A volume of interesting poetry from the meandering mind of a half mad poet.


Whispers of the Muse Signed

A volume of life poetry from a half mad poet. Topics vary like the muse whispering on the wind.


Word Petals Signed

Petals of poetry torn from the mind of a half mad poet. Various topics across all of life.


Word Play Signed

A volume of poetry involving life and the muse of a half mad poet .


Pip the Pup Signed

A Curious Little puppy who learns the consequences of not following the rules


The Teddy Bear Picnic Signed

The tale of a shy young bat on her Journey to make friends.


The Princess Lost Signed

The littlest princess in the land of nod gets lost and finds an unusual friend.


The Littlest Faery Signed

The Littlest faery is different. She still adventures and makes friends.


Dylan and the Pet Zombie Signed

Dylan is looking for a friend in a zombie apocalypse. Will he find one?


A Pup is Brave Signed

A lonely pup learns bravery after being home with out his girl all day.


Inspiration Without a Home Signed

A memoir of a half mad poet. Talk of abuse, of rape, and a life lived. Poetry and truth laid out in a loose familiar manor. A tough story of survival.



Not Just another Danny, Signed



Bedtime Tales III: Attack of Shoe Mountain, Signed



Handprints On My Soul



Pip and Friends, signed


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