Book Birthday 🎈🎂

Grab a copy! It’s a wonderful adventure!

Our upcoming..

Upcoming books

Our schedule is packed through June! We have at least one more book that is not showing up on the above image (DW Storer’s Blue Ted’s Easter Adventure is also due in June but I don’t have the cover quite yet) I am not sure but I also may have one more from CM Snow in June….or July…we have to decide on the next release date for Nita and the honeybees.

Our Reading list is growing!

Updated Pages & More news

I spent the time today to update the pages for our authors. Go peek through our pages!

I also want to announce the authors for 2023!

We are going to be publishing more from our current authors and adding in Darren Storer and Ruan Bradford Wright. Keep Watching here for more about these two!

The Preorder Links are available for

Ashira Datya’s A Packs Destruction

Darkness Screams: Howling Deep

Darkness Screams: Whisper Quiet

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