Author Spotlight A.R. Clayton

AR Clayton has an interesting sense of humor. We asked them what type of writing that they do – They checked Novels, short stories, poetry, blogger, and vlogger. They also checked other. We asked for more information and this was the response –

I also like to say “Come in….come in!” in a spooky voice when the wind blows open a door late at night. It’s something my grandmother did. If that isn’t the start of a good story, I don’t know what is.

We asked What or who got you started? We got this response…

I think I was gifted with a vivid imagination, which I am very grateful for. I love art. When people can express themselves freely through art–whether it’s by painting your house purple and your front yard hosting an armada of plastic pink flamingos, writing War and Peace, or sitting in your writing room late at night wondering what your protagonist will find around their dark hallway corner–I think it a beautiful and awe-inspiring thing. Storytelling is an old art, and there is something uniquely special about it.

AR shared about fun/ hobbies: Reading, writing, painting, gardening, playing the occasional video game; leaving walnuts out for the squirrels to bury in my neighbor’s yard.*

Going to hardware and garden stores and committing to too many home projects at once. Bicycling, feeding pollinators, eating the occasional taco. Making my husband nervous when I attempt to break the laws of physics. Gravity should be negotiable, after all this time.

*Our neighbors went looking for their cat one night and went into our backyard, despite our polite request to call/text us first (as this has occurred before). After hearing a worrying noise, I look out my window (around midnight we’ll say for the sake of atmosphere), and what do I see? A hooded figure with their head bowed, walking very quickly around the back of my house. Scared me to death; will most definitely use in my next novel. But my next battle strategy may be summarized in three concise words, if the walnuts prove not enough: “motion activated sprinklers.”

(See what I was saying about the sense of humor?)

Family? My husband the Saint; Ru the Labrador Retriever-mix rescue who insists on featuring in each of my novels, poems, short stories…etc. You will always find a dog in my work.

And lastly when asked about Writer’s block – I stack it with other alphabet blocks until words form, and soon you have an idea, a sentence, a paragraph, a story…You have to outsmart these things, you know? Get ahead of them and all. In seriousness, I don’t force writing–or at least I try not to. I ride on my indoor bicycle (a “trainer” as the cool kids say), go for a walk, clean, watch a movie, listen to a soundtrack–anything to give the mind a break and let my brain rest/run quietly in the background. It’s important to take care of ourselves.

Let’s all check out their book. The second book is currently being reviewed by a publishing agency–fingers, toes and elbows crossed according to AR Clayton. Let’s wish them luck!

Author Spotlight – Marie Sinadjan

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Marie is an author from Cebu, Philippines. She has an amazing brother who’s her partner-in-crime in a lot of her work! They record her songs and videos in her bedroom and he pretty much does everything except the thing she does in front of the microphone or camera, plus he takes care of the graphic design and marketing needs. He conceptualized the cover for her novel and does all the social media.

When faced with writer’s block she takes a break and a cold shower! She also flip through different kinds of music and see if any of them jog her creative brain cells. Worst case, She runs to my boyfriend or brother or best friend (or all of them altogether in a group chat) and starts an impromptu brainstorming session.

We asked What do you do for fun? And she responded “I read! I like fantasy, mythology, time travel, dystopian, historical fantasy… and children’s books because they’re fast and easy reads, haha. I listen to music a lot, build up playlists on Spotify, and write my own songs when I’m especially feeling inspired. I love to travel, and I support the theatre arts by going to see a musical whenever I have the opportunity. I also enjoy stargazing and astrophotography. (When I was a child, I wanted to be an astrophysicist, and collected every National Geographic mag that had anything about stars and the universe on the cover.) And I drink a lot of coffee. Coffee is life.”

Her first novel, Hotel Fen, a urban fantasy collaboration with US-based fellow indie author Meri Benson, was published in August.

We asked why did you choose to be an Indie Author? “It has been my dream to put a book out in the world, but it seemed to be a long and daunting process. I struggled with finishing a manuscript and I could hardly imagine chasing after agents to get traditionally published, especially since I had a full-time day job; I wanted to write for art, and because I liked writing. Meeting and becoming friends with an indie author opened me up to the idea of self-publishing, something I only read about before and seemed to be just as daunting as going traditional. And, well, the pandemic contributed to my decision to go indie; these past two years have been “okay why not” years for me, so I just took the plunge and aimed to check something off my bucket list, and here I am!”

She has her own songs and covers up on Spotify. She is slowly building the soundtrack of her first novel!

Check out Marie’s website for more from her.

Author Spotlight – Beulah Vega

Also Known as B.F. Vega for horror/fantasy and speculative writing, Beulah has become one of our favorite authors. We just released a chapbook of her poems. We asked a whole bunch of questions as we always do for these. Beulah’s responses all were delightful. I think that I do not want to paraphrase or clean them up so I will share hers like a interview.

ow long have you been a Creative?
I’ve been in theater since I was seven. I’ve been writing since I was sixteen or so.

What or who got you started?
I don’t know. But whoever it is owes me!! 🙂 Seriously, short stories: I have always made up funny scenarios for my friends and I and one day I just started writing them down. Horror/Poetry came to me when I discovered that boys are no good poopy-heads…because I am that mature. 🙂

Why did you choose to be an Indie Author? 
I actually sort of fell into it. I like the community that I have found in the various indie publishers that have published my work. I like that once you are in the community it is more supportive than competitive.

Has any of your work been published/shown or do you have a website? If so, where? 
Yes. Stories have appeared in Nightmare Whispers, Dark Celebration, Infection, The Legends of Night, Extreme Drabbles of Dread, Haunts & Hellions, and Good Southern Witches. Her poetry has been published in Fae Dreams, The Literary Nest, The Cauldron Anthology, Sage Cigarettes, Resist! With Every Inch and Breath, The Tuna Fish Journal, Hallowzine, Walled Women Voices against Violence, and Blood & Bourbon among others. Her poems have also been performed as part of the Bay Area WTF festival in “Heroines, Harpies, and Harlots: A Woman Speaks” and the Cloverdale Performing Arts “Dead Poet Society, Players in a Pandemic”

If you have a website, what is it?

What do you do for fun? Hobbies?
Cause mischief. Come up with evil Rube Goldberg style schemes to take over the world. Watch Kaiju movies. And I embroider inappropriate sayings on things. Sometimes I make whole quilts out of my inappropriate embroidery.

Where in the world do you live?
Santa Rosa (It’s an hour north of San Francisco)

Do you have family or pets you want to share with us?
Isn’t “family and pets” redundant? I am in-between cats at the moment and trying to trick my roommate into getting a puppy so I can love it and he can take care of it.

Have you ever suffered with writer’s block? If so how do you deal with it?
Not really. I usually have a million things going on at any time. As I write this I have eight shorts, two books, and some essays that I am supposed to be doing instead. I don’t have writers block so much as writers procrastination. And as with all procrastination the answer for me is accountability…so shhhh don’t tell my writing accountability people that I have so much to do and am filling out this survey instead.

(ok Beulah Vega we won’t)

So go check her out! Her poetry is amazing and her stories are better. We look forward to her work everytime!

Author Spotlight : Elana Gomel

Elana started off writing academic papers, but for the last seven has been writing fiction. At seven years old she read a Jules Verne novel and decided that she would write a better one the following year…it took her a slight bit longer.

Elana chooses to be an indie author because as an academic she lives with strict rules and schedules. She wants a bit of creative freedom in her writing. She has 3 novels and more than 60 short stories published in various magazines and anthologies.

For fun she travels, which means that right now, her only hobby is to go over Instagram posts from years past with a glass of wine and tears in her eyes. She lives in California. Previously she lived and worked in Israel, Hong Kong and Italy. Not to mention the fact that she was born in the country that no longer exists: the USSR.

She has two kids who have learned to put up with her flights of fancy through long practice. The Daddy Longlegs who lives in her office will do for a pet because she doesn’t like dogs and is allergic to cats.

We asked about writer’s block and her response was “Every day. And every day I sit in front of my computer and stare it down until the writer’s block scuttles away, only to come back later.” Such a wonderful way of putting it.

See more of Elana by visiting her website.

Author Spotlight : Victoria Costello

Victoria is a author living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been a creative soul for over 20 years now, Wow can you imagine the magic she has created? She said that sitting in trees as a child got her started. That sounds like a fun story to me. She says she writes to connect people to unseen worlds.

She likes to hike, BBQ, cook, read, and hopes to someday be able to travel again. (Don’t we all) She lives with twin female Cats. When creative blocks hit, she just waits them out.

You can find more about Victoria on her website.

Author Spotlight: Renata Pavrey

Everyone welcome Renata Pavrey! She has been writing all of her life and writes short stories, poetry, and is a blogger. We asked her what started her writing, and her answer was: “I love reading and have been surrounded by books all my life. Writing has been an extension of my reading.”

We discussed being an Indie Author and this was why she chooses to be one: “I’m not from a literature or journalism background. Coming from the science field (I have a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics), the writing and publishing industries are completely different arenas for me. Becoming an Indie author was more of an unconscious decision of merging my love for the written word and bringing that out to readers. I’m quite clueless about literary agents and how to navigate publishing houses.” She has short stories, poetry, essays, articles and artwork published across books, journals and magazines. Some of the anthologies that feature my work come from: Raven & Drake Publishing, Black Ink Fiction, Sweety Cat Press, Ghost Orchid Press, Her Voice.

She lives in India and currently has 2 cats and 3 foster kittens. Her hobbies include: reading, writing, gardening, dancing, going for long walks and runs, playing with her pets, and watching movies.

We discussed writer’s block and when she suffers she takes a break and does something else – work out, paint, plant seeds, click pictures of the pets and plants, or read a book in a completely different genre from what I’m writing.

She can be found here: Amazon

Submissions. Properly.

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As an editor, I try to respond to all of the submissions with ways to improve…The problem is sometimes it is harder to deal with the mess that is sent to us. So I thought I would do a post about the proper way to submit, in hopes that it helps those considering our calls.

First, Send it as an attachment. If you put it in the body of the email you are just making my job harder. Believe me when I say my job is hard enough without adding work.

Second, Make sure it has the title and your name at the top of the first page. This keeps me from forgetting who wrote what. I have to be able to attribute it to the right person.

Third…Please don’t add any weird fonts or odd images to the file! That really ends up with me having to change it just to read it.

Fourth, Include a Bio and a clear picture. The picture should be a professional looking headshot of at least 300 dpi and the bio should be in third person. The bio should not be more than a single page (250 words or less please) as I have to be able to fit it in the anthology reasonably.

If you send us art or poetry we still need that bio and picture. We want to showcase your work, and we cannot do that if you only send the art/poetry.

The word count limits may not be firm but the submission limits are. Sending me 10 or more poems will result in my being overwhelmed and refusing to choose. You may submit up to 2 stories, 5 poems, and 5 art to any single call. More than that and we will just not be willing to read any of it. We are human and need to have boundaries too.

Most of this is etiquette. Think how you would feel if you were the editor. It takes just a moment to follow the rules set. Please do me the kindness of following these…

Thank you.

Patti and Cyndi.

Editors at Fae Corps

Author Spotlight – the soul whispers blog

Today we are looking at A beautiful blog filled with poetry and self reflection. She says that “Blogging has provided me with a creative outlet and opportunity to connect with other indie authors. I love being a part of the indie writing community.”

When we asked what or who got you started? She responded “I started writing a blog 5 years ago with the hopes of feeling heard. I’m an introvert with a very busy mind. Writing is a creative expression of my inner reflections on experiences, emotional health and spiritual understanding.”

A Canadian blogger who enjoys nature, strong coffee and time with her pup (A Yorkie named Winston). She also loves traveling and experiencing the world through different culture, architecture, food and landscapes. Her creative husband has toured with multiple musicians.

She says of getting writer’s block : “Writer’s block is part of the process. When I experience writer’s block I give myself the time I need to ‘not write.’ At the same time, I also charge through the feelings of self-doubt and questioning by writing in my journal – knowing that I am free to write non-sense, make mistakes, and that a gem may appear in the mess.”

Call for submissions

We at Fae Corps use the blog & newsletter to spotlight amazing indie artists. We have asked for Indies to submit your work to be seen on Fae Speaks (Blog/newsletter). We got to talking about it and decided that we want to do a yearly anthology of the best of what is received. We will be pulling out of the ones that are submitted to the blog (we have been holding on to poetry recently to start the new year off properly.) So any art, poetry, flash or shorts that you would like to see on Fae Speaks… Send us at subject Fae Speaks we are not limiting topic or genre (with the minor exceptions of keep it blog acceptable… Mo major gore or erotica) The best from the 2021 selections will be in this anthology. You will see your work shared across social media as well.

In case you are unaware…. (All of the submissions must be in English as we are not fluent in other languages, but if you want to submit it also in another language with the translation it is acceptable.)

Art must be at least 300dpi jpeg or png. We can publish less on the blog/newsletter but it has to be this quality for book publishing. So if you want to be considered for the anthology, please be sure that the art is useable for such.

Poetry is not limited… But please it has to be edited. (No spelling mistakes or huge amounts of eye popping issues with the layout) Be aware that the anthology will have limited to the best of what is recieved.

Flash is up to 500 words. For this it should be a polished piece. If it is not it will be sent back unpublished with a request to fix the mistakes.

Shorts up to 5k word count. We can accept if it is slightly longer but we are not looking at publishing novella’s on Fae Speaks. Let’s use good judgement here. Again it should be publish ready. If it is not we will send it back asking for you to edit it.

Slamming Holiday!

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So…Poets! we are going to do a celebration for Yule of the written word.

We are looking for video of slam poetry to fill the day with.

We want slam style spoken word.

We want to celebrate the Holiday with the magic of poetry.

This is not a paid call, it is just fun.

We are wanting to showcase not just the words, but the energy and magic of the poet as well.

Topic is unlimited, time is limited to no more than 20 minutes each.

We will post the accepted videos to the social media outlets all day of the 23rd.

We would like some that celebrates holiday magic, but we are only doing the restriction that it be spoken poetry, no vulgarity, no violent themes.  send videos to with the topic of YULETIDE POETRY SLAM!

Include in the Video an introduction and in the email a bio with links.

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