Author Spotlight – Lorraine Lewis

Lorraine is a blind Author. She writes poetry, short stories and maintains a blog. She swears that she was born holding a pen. We have had Lorraine now in two of our anthologies, Fae Dreams and Faery Playground.

Lorraine is based in the UK where she lives with her husband and a rough collie she has named hope. Wheelchair bound, Lorraine is limited to what she is capable of. What she writes is amazing. Her blog, is fun and enjoyable to read.

Meet Vonnie Winslow Crist

We at Fae Corps are so pleased to offer you the writings of Vonnie Winslow Crist. This is not the first time we have worked with her. It is an honor to publish her stories for you to read.

Meet the creatives – Fae Dreams

We are nearly there! Fae Dreams releases tomorrow. There is still time to get the preorder price. preorder your copy today!

Teasing Fae Dreams

each of the authors/poets have such a delightful way of expression. the teasers above are a quote from each piece.

Fae Dreams

So I know we have said in the past that Fae Dreams would release on Halloween like Nightmare whispers >>> We decided to delay it a week so that we could give it the Volume and it’s authors and artists the spotlight that they deserve. So Now it releases on the 6th.. we are going to do a live party to celebrate this. So keep watching here for more information!

And You can Preorder

Only one more day…

Nightmare Whispers releases tomorrow. All three volumes.

this was a amazing journey. One that we hope that you have enjoyed with us.

if you are interested in our anthologies and other offerings… Including ones to come..

Just Four More

This was a truly ambitious project. Around 30 Authors… 3 volumes of stories, poetry, and art. we are releasing a large print volume and a collection containing all 3 volumes.

order each volume… or one of the other titles we have out….

calendar changes

The Fae have been busy prepping for Halloween. With four releases we found that we were not giving our all to all four volumes. So it was decided to delay Fae Dreams by a week. So that we can tell you more about it, and give it a fair exposure. We feel like it will be something overlooked otherwise. So we will party on Halloween for Nightmare Whispers and then the following week we will expose the Dreams of the Fae for everyone to be inspired by.

Until then you can still preorder Fae Dreams.

Meet The Author Stephen Odalayo Oladokun

meet the author Thomas Elson

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