Author Spotlight – Lorraine Lewis

Lorraine is a blind Author. She writes poetry, short stories and maintains a blog. She swears that she was born holding a pen. We have had Lorraine now in two of our anthologies, Fae Dreams and Faery Playground.

Lorraine is based in the UK where she lives with her husband and a rough collie she has named hope. Wheelchair bound, Lorraine is limited to what she is capable of. What she writes is amazing. Her blog, is fun and enjoyable to read.

Countdown to Faery Playground

1 more days… Have you preordered your copy yet?

Countdown to Faery Playground

2 more days… Have you preordered your copy yet?

Countdown to Faery Playground

3 more days… Have you preordered your copy yet?

Countdown to Faery Playground

4 more days… Have you preordered your copy yet?

Countdown to Faery Playground

5 more days… Have you preordered your copy yet?


Faery Playground- Tales of Fae Children

An Anthology of Poetry, Art and Short Stories

Published in Paperback and E-book by Fae Corps Inc,
Distributed by Barnes & Noble Press.

May 1, 2021

Come seek the children where they play and learn the lessons of the Fae. Stories, poems and art combine to paint a picture most sublime. In Faery Playground you will find the darkness stalks all faery kind.

Featuring Art by:
Patricia Harris
Vonnie Winslow Crist
K.T. Seto

Poetry by:
Cyndi Pilcher
Vonnie Winslow Crist
Lorraine Lewis

And Prose by:
BF Vega,
Cyndi Pilcher,
K.T, Seto,
Ruan Bradord Wright,
Tish MacWebber,
Vonnie Winslow Crist,
Serena Mossgraves
and Raz T. Slasher.

Faery Playground- Tales of The Fae Children
an anthology from Fae Corps Publishing.
It’s not all sweetness and light.

For more information visit or write to Patricia Harris at

Cover Reveal Faery Playground

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Cover Teaser

Call For Submissions Deadline Approaching

*Reminder Deadline approaching*
Looking to talk about children?  Genre is unimportant. We are looking for stories involving fae children. It can be changelings or baby merfolk, young kobolds, or something inbetween. We are not limiting the genre so that opens up both light and dark tales.  So far we have horror and suspense submissions. Please don’t worry if your story is slightly darker.

Short Story word count min/max: 3k/5k
Art/Photography: up to five must be printable quality
Poetry/Haiku: up to 5 each per topic~~~~
Submissions email to  with a subject of Faery Playgrounds
Due by January 31st, 2021:
Specific Fae Theme
Short stories/Poetry/Art/Haiku/Photography.
Currently there are  3 story slots and 4 slots for art/poetry etc. We may  if we receive enough quality submissions decide to open up more volumes to accommodate more openings. This is a paid anthology. You will if you get in receive a portion of the royalties…however you will be expected to assist in the marketing of the anthology. Editing is provided. If your story is in draft form it is still acceptable, however it must be readable. Gore is acceptable, however do keep it reasonable, no one wants to read gore for gore’s sake. We are here to showcase good indie authors, and are more than willing to help those just getting started. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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