Creative Spotlight – Amber Montague

Hello everyone and welcome to our Creative Spotlight! Our first spotlight is on Amber Montague. Her business is Carefree Stitches, where she knits some of THE cutest items! When asked how long she’s been a creative, she told us all of her life. “Mom got me started with coloring and baking. Her mom with sewing. My dad’s grandma taught me to crochet. Knittingā€¦ I learned from YouTube! Haha!”

Her hobby, or latest obsession, as she told us, is knitting and she also plays World of Warcraft. She lives in Texas and has two sons, 26 & 20. She also has 2 adorable black kitties named Zazu, & Zuri, whom she loves to pieces.

We discussed creativity block and she told us that she either goes to one of the co-owners of FCP, Cyndi Pilcher, for inspiration, or “I take a break and watch TV or do something else to “rinse” my brain out a bit.”

She chose to be an indie creative because she loves sharing her art and she’s hoping it will inspire others. She can be found at WordPress or Instagram!

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