Mermay art

So for those who are following our Pattimouse she has been doing the Mermay art challenge. The last art prompt she did was Turtle. Well we had some of our favorite faeries decide to attempt the prompt as well. Such creative artists. Let us cheer them on in hopes that they continue to be so creative.


We have a new Youtube Channel. It is going to be a place for our promo videos, Live readings, and other book related content. Feel free to subscribe, and click the bell icon to get notified of our uploads.

We are growing! keep an eye here to find out more as things are going forward.

Also Our Nightmare Whispers Collection (all 3 Volumes in One) is available for Preorder as well.

Also look on your favorite platform for the Large Print of all three volumes!

Artist Spotlight : Roni S. Healan

From painted rocks to canvases, this lady does some amazing art. She credits the Art Sherpa for inspiring her.

Her journey has been a difficult one. From an abusive relationship, and an illness that she was wondering if it was poison to being alone and struggling to get on her feet. Roni is a strong survivor who has so much talent.

Her creative nature shows up in the wonderful paintings she does. She said that the paintings that are pictured here are all for sale.

She is on Facebook where she hosts an art group. It’s a wonderful group of like minded souls.

She said that she has been suffering from a creative block while she was so ill. And that here lately the need to return to painting has returned. Personally, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

If you are interested in buying any of her art email her here.

Creative Spotlight : Sacred Crow Studios

Sacred Crow Studios has gone through a few changes in the past. Owned by Redbird Stormcrow, the studio focuses on photography and art.

The studio is located on the coast of North Carolina in the USA. So she often has some amazing nature pictures.

When asked why she is an Indie Artist, Redbird answered that it allowed her the most creative control of her work.

She has a definite eye for the shots. She lives with her husband of 19 years and their pet tabby. They have two grown children, an adopted daughter, and several grandchildren.

When creativity is blocked, Redbird steps away from the work. She says that she doesn’t force it, as that would create negative energy and she would prefer not to infect the art with that.

We are so glad to have Sacred Crow Studios in our creative Spotlight! Go show them some love! ❤️

Art exposure

These are all art done by our own Pattimouse. She usually posts it on her blog or on Patreon.

Creative Spotlight : Jess @Studio Reece

Today I want to tell you about this wonderful creator… She works with clay, and paint, and multimedia art. She has a couple of coloring books available on amazon! She has made some incredible handmade journals and dice towers.

We asked her when she stared to create, and her response was exactly what I expected from someone as creative as her! She told us “As long as I can remember, I have needed to MAKE things.”
When asked what or who got her started, her response was “All the women on my mother’s side are amazingly talented and creative.”
We asked why did she choose to be an Indie Artist and her answer was perfect, she said “”I love to create” sounds trite, but it’s just true. There is something deep in my soul that calls to me every moment of every day to make something new in the world that wasn’t there before. Being an Indie Artist allows me the freedom to pursue that motivation.”

She has her own website where you can keep up with her, including the art and her amazing books. Go show her some love, and see the amazing art she creates!

I personally am about to order her gothic garden coloring book. I need it. Seriously.

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