Creative commonality

When prowling through the interwebs and the dark reaches of social media, I have noticed something. Artists, authors, and other creatives all have certain traits.

1.) Self Doubt – Finding true confidence in any creative seems to be rare. Now I am not talking about the bravado that many of us put forth. That image of confidence that we want the world to see. Nope, I am talking about true confidence. That feeling that we are worthy, that we are enough.

2.) High Intelligence and Empathy – though there is a variance… I have seen those who are naturally creative as often being likely to be both highly intelligent and highly empathetic.

3.) Needs validity – Imposter syndrome is so common. That fear of failure. The fear of not being as good as others. So we seek the praise of those viewing the work we do.

4.) Searching – creative people search. For like minds. For a target audience. For ways to improve.

Those are a strong enough issue among us that it creates struggles and stigmas among the creative community. So I thought that I would touch on the topic and offer suggestions on how to overcome.

1.) Breathe – as cliche as it sounds… Stepping away from the issue and breathing may be just what you need. It allows for the work to be less of a focus and lets you look at it more rationally.

2.) Find like minds – Look for people like yourself. There are groups on social media. (Send us a message if you need help finding good ones… We can recommend some.) Or if you are not a joiner, find a select few who can encourage you and help with critique and feedback. This is how you improve.

3.) Self esteem building – there are so many possible options here. You can Google search for a few good exercises. You have to love you before you can love your own work.

I know that you have heard this all before. This is not new content. It is just my reminder to each of you that you matter. You are worthy. You are enough. You are bringing beauty into a world that needs it desperately. Please continue. And if you have that moment when you feel so lost… Reach out.

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