Our Reading list has updated!

Do you own all of our catalog?

Also keep an eye on the list over the next few months…We have a busy calendar through June. Including the first release of NK Xero’s Poetry volume Valley of Thoughts, Ruan Bradford Wright’s Novel Toe Rag, Raz T Slasher’s Riverside Chronicles, Ashira Dayta’s first book in her Life Trilogy, DW Storer’s 2nd book of the through the mirror darkly series…and possibly a few more…

And the wrap up

So, what was your favorite book of the ones offered this year? Did you get them all? We have enjoyed bringing you these books and the fun characters in them.

Happy Holidays to all from Fae Corps Publishing. Now Fae Corps Publishing is officially on vacation until after the first of the new year.

Day 6 kids week


Day 5 of Kids Week!


Day 4 of kids week

The title that we had planned for today was pulled by the author…but we still have other options for sale on our catalog. Feel free to take a look!

Kids week day 3


Day 2 kids week


Day one of kids week


The illustration is all done by the author, beautifully so I might add.

Kids week

This year our kids week options are going to be amazing! I am going to try and do a post on each of the offerings for each of the days of this week! Come back to see more about these five books and the wonderful authors that wrote them!


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So we have a board set up(It’s on Patti’s Pinterest) That has all of our authors books, even the ones that are put out by other publishers. Go Check it out. We hope to keep adding to it.

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