Book Birthday!

Thoughtcicles by Patricia Harris releases today. It is a volume of poetry with a lot of poetry focused on relationships. Do you own a copy yet?

Abandoned by Jennifer Elliott

(wish us luck…Fae Corps Publishing is in Talks with Ms Elliott about publishing a chapbook this year of her wonderful poetry. Details to come.)

Poetry from Jennifer Elliott

Submitted Poetry

Day 4 of kids week

The title that we had planned for today was pulled by the author…but we still have other options for sale on our catalog. Feel free to take a look!

Kids week day 3

Book Birthday 🎉

Today is the release day for Handprints on my Soul. If you have yet to order your copy it is not too late!


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So we have a board set up(It’s on Patti’s Pinterest) That has all of our authors books, even the ones that are put out by other publishers. Go Check it out. We hope to keep adding to it.

Poetry submission

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