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So we have a board set up(It’s on Patti’s Pinterest) That has all of our authors books, even the ones that are put out by other publishers. Go Check it out. We hope to keep adding to it.

Book Birthday 🎉

Today is the release day for Darkness Screams: Whisper Quiet. If you have yet to order your copy it is not too late!

Book Birthday 🎉

Today sees the release of Darkness Screams: Howling Deep. If you have yet to buy a copy it is not too late!


From Markas to Vlkarr By Michael Guzman

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To my beloved grandson Vikarr,

Greetings my boy!

  Though I probably shouldn’t call you that anymore.  You’re definitely grown now, though you still have much to learn.  But that can be said of anyone of any age really, even an old man like me!  Anyways, I hope this message finds you and your friends in good health. 

Your Grandmother Camille and I just had a wonderful dinner with your parents recently.  They send their love as well.  Your mother is still one of the best cooks around.  It’s a good thing I keep up with my training in my retirement or I’d be in serious trouble! 

The paternal side of me, of course, is worried for you, knowing the kinds of dangers that lurk in the wider world, but it would be hypocritical of me to hold you back as well.  I can only hope that the stories I told you of my adventuring years not only entertained but educated you so you know what kinds of things to expect. And when next we meet, I hope you can entertain me with your own tales! 

You are more fortunate than most that start this path.  You already have such worthy companions you’ve known and trusted for years and that is important.  You have to know that they will always have your back and they must trust you to do the same for them and together you will do wonderful things.  Also remember, the greatest responsibility of adventuring is that wherever you go, you will change people’s lives, sometimes in very unexpected ways.   And the same people will change yours as well.  The greatest personal example from my life, of course, is how your Grandmother Camille and I ended up protecting your father when he was a kid, then becoming a family by adopting him together. 

I could keep going on all day, but I know you have important stuff to do, so I’ll end this with one last piece of advice.  I know that just because of your Aasimar heritage, you’ve no doubt experienced some well-meaning, but very unfair pressure to live up to your Grandmother Hervir’s legacy.  Knowing her as I did, I firmly believe that she would want you to be your own person and to take this journey for your own reasons, not anyone else’s.  And I completely agree.  Don’t let anyone else’s expectations define you, my boy.  Let the world judge you on your own merits, not your family’s. 

Stay strong, stay safe, your family loves you, misses you, and most importantly, are so very proud of you.

Yours truly

Grandpa Markas

Day Fifteen

How you see this is up to you. Is this the title? Is it the theme? Is this what the punch of the piece is about? These are just something to prompt your own muse to get started.

Author Spotlight – Justine Johnston Hemmestad

Justine lives in central Iowa. She says creative writing helped me to rehabilitate myself after a 1990 car accident in which I sustained a severe brain injury. She is the mother of seven children, five of them adults now. Her oldest son Bradley created the cover art for a yet unpublished novel about the Three Fates and Macbeth, called “Macbeth’s Spinners” Seen Below.

When asked about writer’s block she responded “I’ve suffered with writer’s block, but writing is so important to my health that I know I need to keep writing, even if its bad. I revise and rewrite later. I treasure the connections I tend to make between storylines.”

Her response to what she does for fun was “I’m never not writing, since it’s part of my health. I also love learning about history and magnanimous people, and I integrate that in my writing. The research I do for stories is one of the most enjoyable parts of writing. I also love reading and learning about classic literature, and I have a Master’s Degree in English Literature.”

Justine has a Facebook Page to keep up with her activities.

Author Spotlight – Beulah Vega

Also Known as B.F. Vega for horror/fantasy and speculative writing, Beulah has become one of our favorite authors. We just released a chapbook of her poems. We asked a whole bunch of questions as we always do for these. Beulah’s responses all were delightful. I think that I do not want to paraphrase or clean them up so I will share hers like a interview.

ow long have you been a Creative?
I’ve been in theater since I was seven. I’ve been writing since I was sixteen or so.

What or who got you started?
I don’t know. But whoever it is owes me!! 🙂 Seriously, short stories: I have always made up funny scenarios for my friends and I and one day I just started writing them down. Horror/Poetry came to me when I discovered that boys are no good poopy-heads…because I am that mature. 🙂

Why did you choose to be an Indie Author? 
I actually sort of fell into it. I like the community that I have found in the various indie publishers that have published my work. I like that once you are in the community it is more supportive than competitive.

Has any of your work been published/shown or do you have a website? If so, where? 
Yes. Stories have appeared in Nightmare Whispers, Dark Celebration, Infection, The Legends of Night, Extreme Drabbles of Dread, Haunts & Hellions, and Good Southern Witches. Her poetry has been published in Fae Dreams, The Literary Nest, The Cauldron Anthology, Sage Cigarettes, Resist! With Every Inch and Breath, The Tuna Fish Journal, Hallowzine, Walled Women Voices against Violence, and Blood & Bourbon among others. Her poems have also been performed as part of the Bay Area WTF festival in “Heroines, Harpies, and Harlots: A Woman Speaks” and the Cloverdale Performing Arts “Dead Poet Society, Players in a Pandemic”

If you have a website, what is it?

What do you do for fun? Hobbies?
Cause mischief. Come up with evil Rube Goldberg style schemes to take over the world. Watch Kaiju movies. And I embroider inappropriate sayings on things. Sometimes I make whole quilts out of my inappropriate embroidery.

Where in the world do you live?
Santa Rosa (It’s an hour north of San Francisco)

Do you have family or pets you want to share with us?
Isn’t “family and pets” redundant? I am in-between cats at the moment and trying to trick my roommate into getting a puppy so I can love it and he can take care of it.

Have you ever suffered with writer’s block? If so how do you deal with it?
Not really. I usually have a million things going on at any time. As I write this I have eight shorts, two books, and some essays that I am supposed to be doing instead. I don’t have writers block so much as writers procrastination. And as with all procrastination the answer for me is accountability…so shhhh don’t tell my writing accountability people that I have so much to do and am filling out this survey instead.

(ok Beulah Vega we won’t)

So go check her out! Her poetry is amazing and her stories are better. We look forward to her work everytime!

Author Spotlight : Elana Gomel

Elana started off writing academic papers, but for the last seven has been writing fiction. At seven years old she read a Jules Verne novel and decided that she would write a better one the following year…it took her a slight bit longer.

Elana chooses to be an indie author because as an academic she lives with strict rules and schedules. She wants a bit of creative freedom in her writing. She has 3 novels and more than 60 short stories published in various magazines and anthologies.

For fun she travels, which means that right now, her only hobby is to go over Instagram posts from years past with a glass of wine and tears in her eyes. She lives in California. Previously she lived and worked in Israel, Hong Kong and Italy. Not to mention the fact that she was born in the country that no longer exists: the USSR.

She has two kids who have learned to put up with her flights of fancy through long practice. The Daddy Longlegs who lives in her office will do for a pet because she doesn’t like dogs and is allergic to cats.

We asked about writer’s block and her response was “Every day. And every day I sit in front of my computer and stare it down until the writer’s block scuttles away, only to come back later.” Such a wonderful way of putting it.

See more of Elana by visiting her website.

Author Spotlight : Victoria Costello

Victoria is a author living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been a creative soul for over 20 years now, Wow can you imagine the magic she has created? She said that sitting in trees as a child got her started. That sounds like a fun story to me. She says she writes to connect people to unseen worlds.

She likes to hike, BBQ, cook, read, and hopes to someday be able to travel again. (Don’t we all) She lives with twin female Cats. When creative blocks hit, she just waits them out.

You can find more about Victoria on her website.

Reminder Deadline Approaching

We are looking for spine-tingling thrillers. Preferably with a supernatural/otherworldly bent.  Got a story that makes the hair stand on end? Something otherworldly that is just perfect for telling over a campfire? Submit it and let us see your best!

This anthology is limited to the thriller/horror genre. 
Short Story word count min/max: 3k/5k
Art/Photography: up to five must be printable quality
Poetry/Haiku: up to 5 each per topic


Submissions email to with a subject of Fae Shivers. 
Due by:  August 1, 2021

Specific Genre  Short stories/Poetry/Art/Haiku/Photography.

Currently, there are 9 story slots and 10 slots for art/poetry, etc. We may if we receive enough quality submissions decide to open up more volumes to accommodate more openings. 
This is a paid anthology. You will if you get in receive a portion of the royalties…however you will be expected to assist in the marketing of the anthology.

Editing is provided. If your story is in draft form it is still acceptable, however, it must be readable. Gore is acceptable, however, do keep it reasonable, no one wants to read gore for gore’s sake.  We do not accept erotica at this time.  We are here to showcase good indie authors and are more than willing to help those just getting started.
We will accept stories that have been published before,  as long as you retain publishing rights. 
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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