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Author Spotlight – Brenda Hale

Hello everyone! Today we have another great spotlight for you! Brenda Hale, also known as Beverly L. Anderson, is an author that has been writing since she was 11 years old, which as she told us was back in 1991. That is quite a long time to be writing. What started her? Her grandmother. When she was eleven years old, her grandmother was in the hospital and later passed away. All during that time, Brenda wrote in a stack of notebooks that she had handy. 

We asked her why she chose to become an Indie Author and she told us because she likes the control it gives her over her product. She also gets to make all of the decisions. She pointed out, which is true, that locating people that will take on brand new authors isn’t an easy task and with the publishing tools that are available nowadays, there are plenty of ways for authors to get their work out there.

For fun she likes to game: Tabletop, PC, and Console. She lives in Missouri with her two kids and their two cats, Castiel and Bobby. 

When dealing with writers block, she usually switches to writing something different to break through. 

Her work has been published and you can find it here: and her website is

We are so glad we had a chance to have this interview with Brenda and hope that you all check out her website and her work!

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