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Call for submissions

We at Fae Corps use the blog & newsletter to spotlight amazing indie artists. We have asked for Indies to submit your work to be seen on Fae Speaks (Blog/newsletter). We got to talking about it and decided that we want to do a yearly anthology of the best of what is received. We will be pulling out of the ones that are submitted to the blog (we have been holding on to poetry recently to start the new year off properly.) So any art, poetry, flash or shorts that you would like to see on Fae Speaks… Send us at subject Fae Speaks we are not limiting topic or genre (with the minor exceptions of keep it blog acceptable… Mo major gore or erotica) The best from the 2021 selections will be in this anthology. You will see your work shared across social media as well.

In case you are unaware…. (All of the submissions must be in English as we are not fluent in other languages, but if you want to submit it also in another language with the translation it is acceptable.)

Art must be at least 300dpi jpeg or png. We can publish less on the blog/newsletter but it has to be this quality for book publishing. So if you want to be considered for the anthology, please be sure that the art is useable for such.

Poetry is not limited… But please it has to be edited. (No spelling mistakes or huge amounts of eye popping issues with the layout) Be aware that the anthology will have limited to the best of what is recieved.

Flash is up to 500 words. For this it should be a polished piece. If it is not it will be sent back unpublished with a request to fix the mistakes.

Shorts up to 5k word count. We can accept if it is slightly longer but we are not looking at publishing novella’s on Fae Speaks. Let’s use good judgement here. Again it should be publish ready. If it is not we will send it back asking for you to edit it.

Off Schedule Sunday

So y’all tired of my posts yet? Man, I hope not. I decided that since it is Sunday… I would be a wee bit bad and take a break. I mentioned in the last post a drawing for a free ebook for the newsletter subscribers. I asked KT and she did me a graphic to show the options. I will return tomorrow with more from the meet the author selection.

Want a chance for a free ebook?

Keep in the Loop.. Listen to the Fae Speak. You win the drawing and any of our anthologies are available for the free choice. Sign up for your chance to win!

Newsletter! Here Ye! Here Ye!

Keep in the Loop.. Listen to the Fae Speak.

Fae Speaks

So we have a newsletter! There is quite a lot upcoming and freebies that will only be offered via the newsletter. Interested? Sign up here!

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