Meet the creatives – Fae Dreams

We are nearly there! Fae Dreams releases tomorrow. There is still time to get the preorder price. preorder your copy today!

calendar changes

The Fae have been busy prepping for Halloween. With four releases we found that we were not giving our all to all four volumes. So it was decided to delay Fae Dreams by a week. So that we can tell you more about it, and give it a fair exposure. We feel like it will be something overlooked otherwise. So we will party on Halloween for Nightmare Whispers and then the following week we will expose the Dreams of the Fae for everyone to be inspired by.

Until then you can still preorder Fae Dreams.

Meet The Author Stephen Odalayo Oladokun

meet the author Thomas Elson

Madness Echoes

Off Schedule Sunday

So y’all tired of my posts yet? Man, I hope not. I decided that since it is Sunday… I would be a wee bit bad and take a break. I mentioned in the last post a drawing for a free ebook for the newsletter subscribers. I asked KT and she did me a graphic to show the options. I will return tomorrow with more from the meet the author selection.

Nightmare Whispers Madness Echoes

NIghtmare Whispers

PRE-ORDERS ARE HERE! Nightmare Whispers Volume 2: Madness Echoes releases on October 31st 2020, but if you act now you can pre- order yourself a copy of the books for the discounted price of $5. #NWMadnessEchoes #Anthologies #Horror

- Pre-Order Here:

Meet the Author Deedra Nichole

Deedra Nichole has been one of our authors since the beginning. She was in Under the Mists, Faery Footprints, Through the Sunshine, and now she is in Nightmare Whispers Volume One The Darkness Within, and Fae Dreams. We are working on a book release for her (We were supposed to release it this year, but a beautiful surprise baby delayed things.) We will be announcing that soon. In the meantime we are delighted to have her return to us.

Meet The Author Vonnie Winslow Crist

Vonnie Winslow Crist is in Nightmare Whispers Volume one The Darkness Within and Fae Dreams. We are also working with her for a project coming out in spring. We are so glad that She chose to work with us.

Meet the Author Raz T. Slasher

Raz is another of the amazing authors who have stories in multiple volumes. Fae Corps is currently in discussion to publish more by Raz next year. This upcoming author will definitely leave a chill down your spine.

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