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So y’all tired of my posts yet? Man, I hope not. I decided that since it is Sunday… I would be a wee bit bad and take a break. I mentioned in the last post a drawing for a free ebook for the newsletter subscribers. I asked KT and she did me a graphic to show the options. I will return tomorrow with more from the meet the author selection.

Meet the author KT Seto

K. T. Seto is our newest member, and an amazing author. She is in Nightmare Whispers volumes one and three. She was in our last anthology Through the Sunshine as well. Her two stories are both great scares.

Meet the Author : Michael J Walters

We are so thrilled that Michael has joined us again. He has been with us for everything we have done so far, both Faery Footprints and Under the Mists. His writing is definitely worth the read.

Michael Walters currently lives in northern New York where he teaches robotics and physics at a local university. He publishes a haiku a day on his blog to keep his creative side active while doing all that heavy science. He has plans to release his first novel, Fallen From Mercy in October 2019, if his cats let him.

His websites:

Meet the Author: Serena Mossgraves

Serena has been a constant in our anthologies so far. She wrote a story for Under The Mists and poetry for Faery Footprints. We are so happy to present Serena again.

Serena Mossgraves is a twisted faery with the urge to scare the unwitting reader. Her dark tales of nightmares excite the unwary. She has been seen prowling around looking for new tales to twist and share. She is an avid reader who has always enjoyed the more gothic settings. If you are not afraid to seek her out she is on Facebook at and will gladly visit with you there.

Meet the Author : Cyndi Pilcher

Ok, so I was trying to do that author list in the same order. I got distracted, and ended up oopsing. I missed our own Cyndi and Serena. I aim to fix that quickly. Today we introduce our very own Cyndi.

A wonderful writer good at telling tales of fantasy for the young and the young at heart.

She is half of Fae Corps, Inc. She is a dedicated gamer, who has been on Wow for several years.

She writes cute children’s books, and adventure filled young adult stories. Her blog, Redbird’s Storytime is a fun place where she shares updates and stories about her faeries.

She has a poem, and a story, in Faery Footprints. She also released a YA novel recently, A Royals Undoing. She has a children’s book out, with another that is being prepared for a re-release (due to a change in illustrator).

She credits her eighth grade teacher Mr. January with her love of writing. She said that she chose to be an Indie author because of the control it grants her. She has quite a lot of experience writing, over 35 years worth! We look forward to reading all of the stories that she has to tell!

Gratitude and Celebration

We just wanted to celebrate the review left for Faerie Footprints and the ones left for Under the Mists. These are definitely a reason to keep going! We live for our readers!

Artist/Author Spotlight Faery Footprints Shannon McRoberts

Shannon McRoberts writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy books while living in the rolling hills of Kentucky. Shannon is a lover
of all kinds of fantasy but enjoys watching her collection of favorite shows like Xena, Buffy, Firefly, Fairy Tail, Game of Thrones, and Farscape. When she’s not busy with taking care of her family, binge watching
Netflix, or making fantasy art, she is at her computer weaving myths and magic featuring women of grit and steel. You can find her art at

Artist Spotlight Faery Footprints : Matt Garrettsn

Personal trainer, Yoga/Martial Arts teacher, correctional guard, MMA Athlete, Artist, Author, and Gamer. Matt Garrettson is a really well rounded individual. Unfortunately We were only able to find an Instagram {Lord_GAINesha} and no professional site.

Faery Footprints Spotlight – Gary S. Rosin

Gary S. Rosin’s poetry and haiga have appeared, or are forthcoming, in various literary and poetry magazines and anthologies, including Concho River Review, KYSO Flash, MacQueen’s Quinterly, Poetry24, Texas Poetry Calendar, and Visions International. Two of his ekphrastic poems appear in Silent Waters, photographs by George Digalakis (2018). He has two chapbooks, Standing Inside the Web (Bear House Publishing 1990), and Fire and Shadows (Legal Studies Forum 2008) (offprint). His peom “Viewing the Dead” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Selections of his poetry can be found on his website, 4P Creations

Faery Footprints Spotlights… Nicholas Grinder and Nk

Family portrait. Poet Patricia Harris and her children

So we have been doing a spotlight for each of the contributors, but this one felt special. Both of these are descended from Patricia Harris.

Nicholas is a family man, a mechanic, and a volunteer firefighter. So far the poem included is the only one he has written.

Nk is an emerging poet. He is a leader and quite an energetic writer.

Both men are into gaming.

We, at Fae Corps are so pleased to be able to include the writing of both of these young men and the poet Patricia Harris in this volume.

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