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NIghtmare Whispers

PRE-ORDERS ARE HERE! Nightmare Whispers Volume 2: Madness Echoes releases on October 31st 2020, but if you act now you can pre- order yourself a copy of the books for the discounted price of $5. #NWMadnessEchoes #Anthologies #Horror

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Meet the Author Raz T. Slasher

Raz is another of the amazing authors who have stories in multiple volumes. Fae Corps is currently in discussion to publish more by Raz next year. This upcoming author will definitely leave a chill down your spine.

Nightmare Whispers Volume one

Have you preordered your copy yet?

Meeting another author

BF Vega answered our call for horror with a haunting story. She is definitely one to watch for.

This is part of it…

I was so excited about introducing the authors that I made an oops. I forgot these two and I hit publish instead of schedule. That is ok, I guess, as I did still manage to present it all to you.

Meet the author… With humor

Ok. Our amazing marketing manager did some great images to introduce you to the authors. Both of the authors today took the image and adjusted it. This first fellow had some humor and extended the edit.

Charles Kelley has quite a list of published work. He has been such a delight to have working with us on this project. Especially when his humor shows through. 😉

More Author meeting

Another one of the wonderful multiple volume authors, Arianna Sebo is a poet who has contributed to Fae Dreams and Nightmare Whispers. This is our first time working with the lovely poet Arianna Sebo. We hope to have the opportunity again.

Meet the author KT Seto

K. T. Seto is our newest member, and an amazing author. She is in Nightmare Whispers volumes one and three. She was in our last anthology Through the Sunshine as well. Her two stories are both great scares.

Nightmare Whispers About

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Meet the Author Raz T Slasher

Raz T. Slasher is an indie horror actor/filmmaker/writer from Dayton, OH. He was introduced to a world of love and horror by his mother Patricia from a young age and has never looked back. When he isn’t killing people, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, worshiping The Great Cthulhu, hanging out with his cats Crowley and Poe, reading, gaming, talking to himself loudly in public, and writing bios in third person; proving you can’t spell crazy without R-A-Z…

His works include:
The Mime (novel)
Campyre Tales: Voices From the dark (story collection)
Horror for The Holidays 2 (anthology)
Horror for Hire (Anthology)
Face Your Fears (Anthology)
Nightmare Whispers Volumes 1 & 3 (anthology)
Scary Snippets: Campfire edition (anthology)
More Lore Volume 2 (anthology)

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