What To Include On The Copyright Page Of Your Book – With A Free Template – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice: The copyright page of your book is an essential element you should include when you publish a new book or ebook. Is it a legal obligation? No. Legally you own the copyright of your book as soon as you write it. But it is always better to include at least the […]

What To Include On The Copyright Page Of Your Book – With A Free Template – by Derek Haines…

Resisting Evil

Coming soon! Release Day May 30th

Teasing Fae Dreams

each of the authors/poets have such a delightful way of expression. the teasers above are a quote from each piece.

Meet the Author Gary Wosk

Meet the Author Guna Moran


meet the author Stephen McQuiggan


Madness Echoes


Want a chance for a free ebook?

Keep in the Loop.. Listen to the Fae Speak. You win the drawing and any of our anthologies are available for the free choice. Sign up for your chance to win!

More Author meeting

Another one of the wonderful multiple volume authors, Arianna Sebo is a poet who has contributed to Fae Dreams and Nightmare Whispers. This is our first time working with the lovely poet Arianna Sebo. We hope to have the opportunity again.

Meet the author KT Seto

K. T. Seto is our newest member, and an amazing author. She is in Nightmare Whispers volumes one and three. She was in our last anthology Through the Sunshine as well. Her two stories are both great scares.

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