Faery Footprints Spotlight – Molly Hogan

Molly Hogan is a fourth grade teacher who lives in a rambling old farmhouse in rural Maine. She is fascinated by the sense of possibility that is so pervasive in nature — the sense that everything can change in an instant. She devotes her free time to walking and wandering, writing poems, and personal essays, and nature photography.

September Footprint – Whisper Photo

The Picture was sent to us by Espana Mack. She said that she felt like it fit the prompt, and we agree.

Creative Spotlight : Sacred Crow Studios

Sacred Crow Studios has gone through a few changes in the past. Owned by Redbird Stormcrow, the studio focuses on photography and art.

The studio is located on the coast of North Carolina in the USA. So she often has some amazing nature pictures.

When asked why she is an Indie Artist, Redbird answered that it allowed her the most creative control of her work.

She has a definite eye for the shots. She lives with her husband of 19 years and their pet tabby. They have two grown children, an adopted daughter, and several grandchildren.

When creativity is blocked, Redbird steps away from the work. She says that she doesn’t force it, as that would create negative energy and she would prefer not to infect the art with that.

We are so glad to have Sacred Crow Studios in our creative Spotlight! Go show them some love! ❤️

Des Jensen Photography

Besides being an author and crafter, Des Jensen also is a photographer. I picked a couple of my favorites that she took in Chicago and Colorado. Hope y’all enjoy them as much as I do!


Nature Photography

Hi all. Today I’m going to share with you some of my nature photography. I’ve been a photographer for quite a few years and it is something I enjoy immensely. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Stay tuned for more soon!!


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