Abandoned by Jennifer Elliott

(wish us luck…Fae Corps Publishing is in Talks with Ms Elliott about publishing a chapbook this year of her wonderful poetry. Details to come.)

Poetry from Jennifer Elliott

Submitted Poetry

Kids week day 3


Book Birthday 🎉

Today is the release day for Handprints on my Soul. If you have yet to order your copy it is not too late!

Poetry submission

Poetry submission by Melanie Dabbs

Such a sweet poem, submitted for the blog. Feel free to send your own poetry to fcpsubmissions@gmail.com topic Fae speaks. We accept poetry, art, and flash fiction for the blog and the newsletter.

23 Years By Jennifer Elliott

Photo by Mike B on Pexels.com

It’s been 23 years since that last smile
So much has happened
We learned more about the mental illnesses that run in our family
We found husbands and had children or adopted through marriage
We learned adulting is not the same for everyone
We learned how to start healing from what happened
We love and appreciate Dad
but found men with better temperaments
You deserved better
You would have been a great doctor
You taught me so much
You taught me where I needed to start to be a better person
I will never be the best, but I hope you are proud
Now my youngest is 3 and you can’t take him and his sisters to the park
You can’t teach them about veggies and the best uses for lemon
I will tell them about you and teach them what you taught me
I miss you and will always love you

A Fan Fic poem

The Fae Story Aray

by Jennifer Elliott

Some flit and play
Some walk and say what a gorgeous day
All the fae come to the Corps
They share their stories
They share their poems
Pieces of their lives
Pieces of their souls
Some fileted on display
Some in sunshine and glowing
Does anyone outside the Corps
know how much these stories are worth ?
Can they see the starlight that each author gave?

Jennifer Elliott is a nerd, mom, wife, and avid book collector. She loves learning new things and reading new stories with her three little munchkins. Her goal is to write a good haunted house story and then become a better writer as she goes. She recently has been published in both of the Darkness Screams Anthologies. (Howling Deep & Whisper Quiet)

Book Birthday


A dark group of poetry written by the horror writer Serena Mossgraves. Sensitive topics and the idea that death is attractive written into a group of dark poems.

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