Somedays the Poet Becomes the Poem…

Those of us who write understand that the poet always ends up the poem, but I think this one is quite lovely, and inspired. If you have not already gotten Jennifer’s book…it releases Next week,

Jennifer Elliott’s Been Busy

She has been keeping up with the Fae Corps Publishing PAD Challenge and as you can see she has been creating beauty. Her poetry is so good.

Another Poem By Jennifer Elliott

Have you ordered State of Mind Yet?

Pad Response Jennifer Elliott

This is such a lovely poem…. not in her upcoming book but All of her poetry is so good.

Cover Reveal State of Mind

Isn’t that cover just divine? Watch here for more information. Link to come soon. (Cover design by the author herself.)

Book Birthday!

Ethereal Dreams by Patricia Harris releases today. It is a volume of poetry with a almost emphyreally disconnected feel. Do you own a copy yet?

Cover Reveal State of Mind

Jennifer Elliott’s first chapbook release is a exciting one. Watch here for the cover reveal (next week) and then as soon as we have preorder links we will be posting them here!

Mrs Vine’s Secret. A Valentine poem by my Mum.

I have been writing and publishing poetry on my blog for some time, but my Mum also wrote poetry. This is one of hers. I hope it amuses you. MRS VINE’S SECRET The postman said to Mrs Vine “Now who’s sent you a Valentine?” But Mrs Vine just shook her head. “I really cannot think,” […]

Mrs Vine’s Secret. A Valentine poem by my Mum.

Poetry from Jenny

We at Fae Corps Publishing are pleased to announce that we will be releasing State of Mind by Jennifer Elliott in April. Stay tuned here for the cover reveal and the links coming soon!

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