Lily and the Faeries

Hi everyone! Redbird Stormcrow here to regale you with stories from my home Cassari! This story was something my grandma told me when I was younger. 

Lily Tranelis, a half-elf bookkeeper, fell asleep on top of her book, scrolls scattered around her, after a long day of scribing. Once they made sure she was asleep, the faeries that had been watching Lily for a couple of months, appeared around her. Some of them started tidying up,  and one named Cerulean Sky placed a blanket on her so she didn’t catch a cold. One, by the name of Willowmist, braided Lily’s hair and placed a pretty ribbon at the end. Another faerie, by name of Ruby, brought Lily’s flowers that sat wilting in vials, to life with some small wisps of her flower magic.  Once everything was cleaned up and arranged, the faeries flew out of the window that Lily had left open and went and hid in the small faery houses that dotted her garden.

The next morning, Lily woke up and was a tad bit confused. There was a blanket on her shoulders, her hair was braided, and her flowers in the vials were in full bloom on the table next to her desk.  She moved the blanket and folded it up, setting it neatly in the basket on the floor and stood pondering for a few minutes, trying to figure out how her flowers were blooming, as she was sure they had been wilted the night before. 

As she was puzzling this out, she heard what sounded like wind chimes coming from the desk, then a high-pitched voice said, “Don’t think about it too hard, you might hurt yourself trying to figure this out.” 

Lily turned around to see a small fairy standing on her still open book. Her mouth opened to say something, then closed again when she realized she had no idea what to say to this small creature.  Ruby laughed again. As she stood up, she opened her wings fully so that the sunlight streaming in through the window made them sparkle and shimmer, making a kaleidoscope of different shades of red dance across the parchment.

“If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a fairy. My name is Ruby, and I am the reason your flowers bloomed. You always work so hard, so my friends and I decided to help you out a little.” Ruby grinned at Lily and flew to the flowers, hovering over them for a few moments to check their progress. 

Lily, finally finding her voice, whispers, “Where did you come from? How do you know how hard I work? And why did you help my flowers?” These questions were the only ones she could think of to say to Ruby at the moment, as she was still too startled to fully comprehend she was talking to a fairy.  She had read about them, and a few people had told her they had seen them, but this was the first time she had any experience with them. She sunk down to the floor as she stared at Ruby.

Ruby landed on one of the vials and shook her head at Lily. “We are all over the place. My little group lives in the little garden village you set up a couple of months ago. We’ve been watching over you ever since. I am a flower fairy and I thought it would be nice for you to see the blooms when you woke.”

As Ruby and Lily sat talking, Cerulean Sky and Willowmist flew in the window they had been peeking through. Lily just stared for a moment then smiled. “This is so wonderful! I have been told about your existence and always hoped I’d see you, but I never thought I’d have a couple of you in my house!” 

“All you had to do was pay more attention to your garden, Lily.” This came from Cerulean Sky. She was the leader of their small circle and spoke a bit more direct than most of them. Lily laughed, a bit of a blush spreading across her face. 

“I am really sorry about that.  I am not what you would call a ‘green thumb’ and I’ve been so busy scribing all these scrolls…” She cuts herself off in mid-sentence. “OH! The scrolls!! I need to go get these to Yisli before noon!!” She spun around and started gathering all the scrolls she had finished up last night. The fairies watched her, trying to stay out of her way so they didn’t get hit accidentally.  

She stopped long enough to smile at them. “I hope you will be here later! I’d really love to talk to you some more! Bye now!” She threw her cloak on after stuffing the last scroll into her bag and rushed out the door.

The three fairies looked at each other and then fell back into the blanket basket giggling hysterically.

“We have GOT to teach her to have some fun and not take everything so seriously!” Ruby said through her giggles. 

Cerulean Sky finally calmed her laughing and looked around Lily’s small hovel. “We should clean up for her a bit. Doesn’t look like she has touched a mop or a dust feather in weeks!”

The other two nodded their heads in agreement. “I’ll go get the others so we can make this place nice and shiny!” exclaimed Willowmist. She flew out the window to gather up the rest of the fairies and Ruby and Cerulean Sky started sparkling up the kitchen. 

Lily ran down the dirt road that lead to the main area of her small village, Earthwich. She waves to the various merchants as she heads to the church of Rahara, the nature goddess. She got to the chapel doors just as the town clock started ringing. “Phew, just made it.” she thinks to herself as she walks in.

Yisli is standing at the front, performing her daily rituals and prayers to Rahara. She turns and nods at Lily, and turns back to the statue of Rahara, never breaking her prayer. Once she is done, she turns around to greet Lily.

“Cutting it close today Lily!” The Elven cleric laughs as Lily walks up and hands her the scrolls. “Did you run all the way here? Your hair is all frazzled!”

Lily laughs a little, a soft blush appearing across her cheeks. “I am so sorry, Lady Yisli. You would not…” She pauses a moment and thinks about it. “Well, you might believe why I’m late! I was visited by fairies!”

Yisli was looking through the scrolls as Lily was telling her why she was almost late, and almost dropping the scrolls, she gets a tighter hold on the scrolls and looks up at Lily, startled.

“You were visited by fairies?” She motions for Lily to sit on one of the benches set up. She sits with her, placing the scrolls next to her, forgotten for the moment. “Please tell me what happened and what they said.”

Lily thought Yisli was acting a bit odd, but was too excited to ponder it for long. She told Yisli about the fairies, what they did, and the conversation she had with Ruby before the others showed up. Yisli nodded as she listened then smiled.

“You must say a prayer of thanks to Rahara! You have been blessed, my child. Fairies do not just show up to anyone, and they certainly do not offer to help unless they want something. This is very special, Lily. You say your prayers. I must take these scrolls to the elders and tell them of your encounter. I shall return soon!”

I hope you enjoyed this first part and that you come back next month for the next bit! Make sure you share Fae Corps Publishing  with your friends and family! 

~Don’t forget to love each other – Brian Foster~

Fairy love and Pixie wishes,

Redbird the Faery Mystic


From Markas to Vlkarr By Michael Guzman

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To my beloved grandson Vikarr,

Greetings my boy!

  Though I probably shouldn’t call you that anymore.  You’re definitely grown now, though you still have much to learn.  But that can be said of anyone of any age really, even an old man like me!  Anyways, I hope this message finds you and your friends in good health. 

Your Grandmother Camille and I just had a wonderful dinner with your parents recently.  They send their love as well.  Your mother is still one of the best cooks around.  It’s a good thing I keep up with my training in my retirement or I’d be in serious trouble! 

The paternal side of me, of course, is worried for you, knowing the kinds of dangers that lurk in the wider world, but it would be hypocritical of me to hold you back as well.  I can only hope that the stories I told you of my adventuring years not only entertained but educated you so you know what kinds of things to expect. And when next we meet, I hope you can entertain me with your own tales! 

You are more fortunate than most that start this path.  You already have such worthy companions you’ve known and trusted for years and that is important.  You have to know that they will always have your back and they must trust you to do the same for them and together you will do wonderful things.  Also remember, the greatest responsibility of adventuring is that wherever you go, you will change people’s lives, sometimes in very unexpected ways.   And the same people will change yours as well.  The greatest personal example from my life, of course, is how your Grandmother Camille and I ended up protecting your father when he was a kid, then becoming a family by adopting him together. 

I could keep going on all day, but I know you have important stuff to do, so I’ll end this with one last piece of advice.  I know that just because of your Aasimar heritage, you’ve no doubt experienced some well-meaning, but very unfair pressure to live up to your Grandmother Hervir’s legacy.  Knowing her as I did, I firmly believe that she would want you to be your own person and to take this journey for your own reasons, not anyone else’s.  And I completely agree.  Don’t let anyone else’s expectations define you, my boy.  Let the world judge you on your own merits, not your family’s. 

Stay strong, stay safe, your family loves you, misses you, and most importantly, are so very proud of you.

Yours truly

Grandpa Markas


We have updated the very first anthology that we ever did. If you have missed out on it, now is an excellent time to get it!

Book Birthdays!

Book Birthdays!
Through the sunshine

Poetic Remiders

Lost Legends, an upcoming Indie novel Behind the Scenes

So we got to interview Cait Marie about her upcoming book release. She gave us a behind the scenes to share with you, our readers.

Time to talk about what goes on behind the writing and how The Lost Legends came to be. Some of the most frequent questions I get are…

“Where do all the story ideas come from?”
The idea for The Lost Legends came from a dream, as cliche as that sounds. I’ve always had really random dreams that I thought would make good movies or books. Well, I had a dream that I was a princess sailing with pirates to look for a group of fae called the Nihryst. In the dream, it was actually the Night Court from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. To make it my own, I completely removed the fae element, which was the only similarity to that series. Most of the original idea is still there though.

The biggest difference is that it was originally just about Ada looking for the Nihryst in the one book. Then, I added Shane’s POV for myself to know what happened in the kingdom while Ada was gone. Shane’s story not only helped develop the first book but helped create a bigger story arc for what’s now going to be a trilogy. In fact, as of right now, Shane will have more chapters in book two than Ada.

“How long did it take you to write The Lost Legends? What were those writing habits like?”
It took me a little over three months to write the first draft, but there wasn’t a lot of consistent writing. There were weeks that I didn’t touch it. I wrote 30,000 words the first week… I go through writing binges; I will write 10,000 words in a couple days, then nothing for a while. That’s actually something I need to work on.

“Where did the inspiration come from?”

A mashup of a bunch of things. I love Disney, I love the story of Robin Hood, and I love Pirates of the Caribbean. To write, I created a Pinterest board and playlist. I made a few aesthetic boards as well, which I’ll share below.

The Lost Legends is now available on Amazon!
Get your copy here!

About the Author

Cait Marie has been obsessed with books her entire life. The love of writing didn’t hit until 2017. Since then, she has held multiple positions within Coffee House Writers, including C.O.O., Advertising Supervisor, Editor, and Writer. In 2018, she used her passion for reading to create Functionally Fictional. In 2019, she joined the indie staff of YA Books Central as a reviewer and then Indie Assistant Blogger.
Cait graduated with honors in 2019 from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, and she is currently enrolled in their Master of Fine Arts program. She lives in Indiana, where she freelance edits and provides a variety of other author services. When she’s not writing or reading, she can usually be found watching Disney movies or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, creating bullet journal spreads, or singing along to various soundtracks and showtunes.

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Meet the Author : Luisa Kay Reyes

Her story The Long Lost Maiden Of Light is such a delightful addition to Through the sunshine.

Luisa Kay Reyes has had pieces featured in “The Raven Chronicles”, “The Windmill”, “The Foliate Oak”, “The Eastern Iowa Review”, and other literary magazines. Her essay, “Thank You”, is the winner of the April 2017 memoir contest of “The Dead Mule School Of Southern Literature”. And her Christmas poem was a first place winner in the 16th Annual Stark County District Library Poetry Contest. Additionally, her essay “My Border Crossing” received a Pushcart Prize nomination from the Port Yonder Press. And two of her essays have been nominated for the “Best of the Net” anthology. With one of her essays recently being featured on “The Dirty Spoon” radio hour.

Meet the Author : KA Masters

KA Masters is so busy writing that our request for a picture has thus far been unanswered… Hopefully that will change by the time we have to put the book together… We paused for the weekend to give time for the request to be answered, however it is time to continue to introduce these amazing authors to you.

KA Masters is a fantasy writer who specializes in twisted fairy tales and zombie-infested historic fiction. She attributes her passion for Greco-Roman mythology and Germanic folklore to her alma mater, Dickinson College. For more information on recent publications, please visit her Goodreads blog at:

In exploring this author I found this. It really looks interesting to me.

Meet the Author : Tish MacWebber

This is the second time that we have been blessed with working with Tish. Her eye for detail, and general Upbeat personality, make working with her so much fun. Her story continues the story from Under The Mists, though it works as a standalone.

Tish Mac Webber’s writing is her purpose, creativity is her passion, and jewellery designing is her pleasure.
She is the author who is Always Thinking… the jewellery designer who is Always Blinging…The woman who is Always Beautiful… and her superpower is always being full of surprises!

#Tishspiration, her creation, is defined as the art of surprising yourself. She is inspired by the ocean, especially where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the beaches of Cape Breton Island, where her own story began.

Tish MacWebber, Always Blinging… her jewellery designing hobby is the latest addition to her website. Her speciality is creating one of a kind, custom designs for her clients. She loves to delight her customers with her interpretations of what they order, staying true to her gifts of being full of surprises, and putting her talents to full use.

Her newest addition to her many accomplishments is as a representative for Younique. She is exploring her own beauty and helping others find theirs. You can follow her progress at

In October 2018, her first book, From Where I am Sitting… A Collection of Cat Tales was published and is available on Amazon. It will be accompanied by her Limited Cat Tales Jewellery Collection, which can also be found on her website. Tish MacWebber is currently writing her second book, in which she will explore her concept of #Tishspiration. You can find more information about these and other projects at

Meet the Author : Michael Guzman

Michael has been an invaluable reader for Cyndi and I since before we founded Fae Corps. We are especially happy to have him with us as a writer. We hope that he continues to join us with his amazing stories.

Michael is a lifelong nerdy geek, though it’s taken him half his life to feel good about himself about this. His many fandoms include sci-fi, fantasy, anime, comics, and gaming, both video and tabletop. He lives in Eastern NC with his loving wife Merry and works by day as a mail carrier throughout Pitt and surrounding counties which sometimes leads to pleasantly surprising encounters with nature. While on the road for work, depending on radio reception and personal mood, Michael enjoys classical music, J-pop, K-pop, or soundtracks from his favorite video games or movies. The story in this anthology is his first published work and hopes that more will follow.

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