From Markas to Vlkarr By Michael Guzman

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To my beloved grandson Vikarr,

Greetings my boy!

  Though I probably shouldn’t call you that anymore.  You’re definitely grown now, though you still have much to learn.  But that can be said of anyone of any age really, even an old man like me!  Anyways, I hope this message finds you and your friends in good health. 

Your Grandmother Camille and I just had a wonderful dinner with your parents recently.  They send their love as well.  Your mother is still one of the best cooks around.  It’s a good thing I keep up with my training in my retirement or I’d be in serious trouble! 

The paternal side of me, of course, is worried for you, knowing the kinds of dangers that lurk in the wider world, but it would be hypocritical of me to hold you back as well.  I can only hope that the stories I told you of my adventuring years not only entertained but educated you so you know what kinds of things to expect. And when next we meet, I hope you can entertain me with your own tales! 

You are more fortunate than most that start this path.  You already have such worthy companions you’ve known and trusted for years and that is important.  You have to know that they will always have your back and they must trust you to do the same for them and together you will do wonderful things.  Also remember, the greatest responsibility of adventuring is that wherever you go, you will change people’s lives, sometimes in very unexpected ways.   And the same people will change yours as well.  The greatest personal example from my life, of course, is how your Grandmother Camille and I ended up protecting your father when he was a kid, then becoming a family by adopting him together. 

I could keep going on all day, but I know you have important stuff to do, so I’ll end this with one last piece of advice.  I know that just because of your Aasimar heritage, you’ve no doubt experienced some well-meaning, but very unfair pressure to live up to your Grandmother Hervir’s legacy.  Knowing her as I did, I firmly believe that she would want you to be your own person and to take this journey for your own reasons, not anyone else’s.  And I completely agree.  Don’t let anyone else’s expectations define you, my boy.  Let the world judge you on your own merits, not your family’s. 

Stay strong, stay safe, your family loves you, misses you, and most importantly, are so very proud of you.

Yours truly

Grandpa Markas

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