First person vs. Third person

The best tales are born in edits of frail first drafts.

pov4It’s not uncommon for arguments to cook between writers on First-person vs. Third-person. Aside from the various narratives in each category, these differences of opinion occur because they are convinced one is better than the other.

I believe in plot-driven stories. Which means I center my narrative on the story and not the characters needs. I delight in reading both, even though I prefer a Third-person. Especially Third-person Omniscient at that (Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Elie Wiesel, Philip Pullman, etc…). It is a shame that these days, this style of composition is determined out of fashion. (I like old fashion stuff!) Unless you are successful, established and a published bestseller, this method of writing most likely won’t land you a publishing contract. That said, not impossible if you are gifted at writing Omniscient.

I write in Third person Limited Omniscient. The most universal known example of this is the Harry Potter series. However, I switch point of…

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