Author Spotlight – B.F. Vega

This week, we bring forth another one of our authors by the name of Beulah Vega, who goes by B.F. Vega for her horror/fantasy and speculative creative work! From the Santa Rosa, CA area, she is between cats while trying to convince her roommate to get a puppy so she can love it and the roommate take care of it. It sounds like the perfect strategy!

When asked how long she’s been in the creative field, B.F. Vega answered that she’s been in theater since seven and writing since sixteen years old!

When asked who or what got her started, the following was her reply: “I don’t know. But whoever it is owes me!! Seriously, short stories: I have always made up funny scenarios for my friends and I and one day I just started writing them down. Horror/Poetry came to me when I discovered that boys are no good poopy-heads…because I am that mature.”

As for the types of writing she does, she writes short stories, poetry, and novels!

Speaking of writing, you can see that B.F. Vega has been published in many things, including: Nightmare Whispers, Dark Celebration, Infection, The Legends of Night, Extreme Drabbles of Dread, Haunts & Hellions, and Good Southern Witches. Her poetry has been published in Fae Dreams, The Literary Nest, The Cauldron Anthology, Sage Cigarettes, Resist! With Every Inch and Breath, The Tuna Fish Journal, Hallowzine, Walled Women Voices against Violence, and Blood & Bourbon among others. Her poems have also been performed as part of the Bay Area WTF festival in “Heroines, Harpies, and Harlots: A Woman Speaks” and the Cloverdale Performing Arts “Dead Poet Society, Players in a Pandemic”.

You can find her website by clicking here!

Why did she choose to be an indie author? B.F. Vega says she sort of simply fell into it. That the community is more supportive than competitive, and that she has come to love the indie communities she’s become a part of and published through.

What about Writer’s Block? Surely we all hit that, right? Maybe not! She always has some project going on, whether it’s short stories or novels or poetry, and claims that it’s more writer’s procrastination than it is block. Which, I’ll admit, I can definitely relate to in that sense! But shhh, she’s not really filling out this survey for us, she’s actually working on writing!

What about outside of writing, what kind of hobbies does B.F. Vega enjoy? Well, she likes causing mischief, coming up with evil Rube Goldberg style schemes to take over the world, watching Kaiju movies, and embroidering inappropriate sayings into things. Like quilts. Truth be told, I’d totally be down to have an inappropriate saying quilt.

And finally, where can you reach B.F. Vega? At her email address:!

Thank you for joining us for this wonderful author spotlight, and hope to see you next time!

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