Teaser Tuesday

What are you working on? Share with us a teaser for something that you are or have done. Share links too so that we can find you! Don’t feel like sharing your work? Well share another indie so that they can be seen!

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  1. Here is a teaser from my upcoming book Courtyard of Petals: Book One of The Fae Hollow series:

    She walks up Evergreen Lane and stops at the gate, her jaw instantly on the ground. When she and her dad had left, the grounds were green and lush and every flower was in full bloom. There had been oak, maple, and willow trees providing shade. The house had been a beautiful Victorian home, painted a light shade of purple with white shutters, and a gorgeous wrap-around porch, also painted white, with comfortable chairs and boxed or potted plants and flowers scattered around.
    What stands in front of her now looks nothing like her memories. The paint is faded and peeling. There is nothing on the porch other than dilapidated chairs. The five acres of land are nothing but weeds, overgrown grass, and gnarled vines. Most of the trees are covered in moss and spiderwebs. The fence is falling apart and the gate is barely hanging on. She didn’t even want to think about what the greenhouse and the inside of her mother’s beloved home looks like.
    Shuddering, she gives a heavy sigh, pushes the gate open as carefully as she can, and starts up the cracked and broken stepping stones that are covered in leaves and dirt. As her foot hits the porch, the door flies open.
    “Well it’s about damn time you got here!”
    “I don’t have control over the bus Uncle.”
    Her uncle holds the door open and waves her in.
    “Come on, come on! I ain’t got all day!”
    As she scoots into the house, he slams the door, and as he walks towards the back of the house where Kenzie remembered the den being, he calls over his shoulder.
    “Put your stuff up in your old room, then go help your aunt make lunch!”
    Not waiting for a response, he turns down the hallway and she hears the door of the den slam.
    “Well. I see he hasn’t changed any.” She mutters to herself as she starts up the stairs to her old room.

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