Day one of kids week

The illustration is all done by the author, beautifully so I might add.

Kids week

This year our kids week options are going to be amazing! I am going to try and do a post on each of the offerings for each of the days of this week! Come back to see more about these five books and the wonderful authors that wrote them!

Book Birthday 🎉

Today is the release day for Handprints on my Soul. If you have yet to order your copy it is not too late!


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So we have a board set up(It’s on Patti’s Pinterest) That has all of our authors books, even the ones that are put out by other publishers. Go Check it out. We hope to keep adding to it.

The last of the Kid’s week cover reveals

This has been waiting for the illustrator and it was worth the wait! This story is so freaking cute. Come back for the link so you can own your own copy!

The last of the Kid’s week cover reveals

This has been waiting for the illustrator and it was worth the wait! Come back in a week to see the truly cute cover for this book.

Book Birthday 🎉

Today sees the release of A Pack’s Destruction. If you have yet to buy a copy it is not too late!

23 Years By Jennifer Elliott

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It’s been 23 years since that last smile
So much has happened
We learned more about the mental illnesses that run in our family
We found husbands and had children or adopted through marriage
We learned adulting is not the same for everyone
We learned how to start healing from what happened
We love and appreciate Dad
but found men with better temperaments
You deserved better
You would have been a great doctor
You taught me so much
You taught me where I needed to start to be a better person
I will never be the best, but I hope you are proud
Now my youngest is 3 and you can’t take him and his sisters to the park
You can’t teach them about veggies and the best uses for lemon
I will tell them about you and teach them what you taught me
I miss you and will always love you

A Magik Saga


Award winning author

Our author Vonnie Winslow Crist recently won an award for her book Beneath Raven’s Wing. We are extremely proud of the book and of her for winning the award! Please let her know how wonderful this is!

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