Book Birthday 🎉🎂

Do you have your own copy? Don’t forget the light 🕯️…

Book Birthday 🎈🎂

Grab a copy! It’s a wonderful adventure!

Fae Shivers Remembered Nightmares Cover Reveal

Good morning, everyone! Last week we teased the covers for our Fae Shivers anthologies, and this week, we’re revealing the covers! These volumes are full of terrors, horrors, and nightmares, so let’s not waste another moment!

First up, Fae Shivers: Remembered Nightmares! Personally I think this one is my favorite, I just love the shattered glass effect. But what do you think?

Next up will be Fae Shivers: Forgotten Horrors!

Both Volumes release November 15, 2021, and a pre-order link is coming soon!

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