A Friday poem sent to us

Poem by Chrys Indigo Minter

Panics of terror coursing through my veins
Not knowing fake from the real
Who would take the blame
Running to and fro
I’m at a loss of words
This person in the mirror before me
Man this is absurd.
My body form I don’t notice
Now all muscular

I have been transformed into something else
Like I’ve been reborn.
My wings are now ablaze this is something new
I’m normally not fearful but if you saw me
You’d want to run too.
Asleep I was a fairy dreaming of the moon
And the clouds above
Then the dream turned dark and dread
Like the sandman went all rogue
My skin felt like lava
Intriguing to myself
Now able to creep on fours
And walk on twos
What is this form? I’m amused
Eyes glint gold
I’m feeling bold
Stories will be told
They may call the fairy paddy wagon..
The whispers and stares
As they notice that overnight
This mere fairy was transformed into…
A dragon.©️

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