Fae Dreams Deedra Nichole

Meet the Author Deedra Nichole

Deedra Nichole has been one of our authors since the beginning. She was in Under the Mists, Faery Footprints, Through the Sunshine, and now she is in Nightmare Whispers Volume One The Darkness Within, and Fae Dreams. We are working on a book release for her (We were supposed to release it this year, but a beautiful surprise baby delayed things.) We will be announcing that soon. In the meantime we are delighted to have her return to us.

Corrected Author Lists for Nightmare Whispers

So I have fixed my mistakes in the author lists. I had failed to list our art contributor, and I missed one author in Volume 3. I also messed up on one of the authors name spelling. I am human and humans make mistakes… However I do apologize for those mistakes. Here are our lists with the correct spelling and the full list of the authors.

Book Birthdays!

Book Birthdays!
Through the sunshine

Poetic Remiders

Through the Sunshine

Keep watching… We will be posting more. Our anthology is going to be available for preorder in two short weeks.

Meet the Author : Deedra Nichole

Deedra Nichole started her published career as Deedra Mosley. In 2018 her life took an interesting turn. After tragedy struck a close friend, Deedra found herself thrust into a whirlwind of change. With a romance ripped out of the pages of a novel, Deedra took a new name in September 2019. She has been with us from the very beginning, being one of the amazing authors in Under The Mists. We are so excited about having her back for this anthology.

Deedra Nichole is an indie author with years’ experience in the indie publishing industry. She has taken her love of the industry and created Deedra Nichole Editing, a service that seeks to make editing affordable for indie authors.

Her writing support group, Write for Me, (On Facebook) hosts tips & fun writing prompts for her close-knit group of fellow writers. November, during NaNoWriMo, you can find her handing out support while carving out stories. She has won the last four years of competitions and plans to continue competing.

As of September 14th, 2019, Deedra Mosley is no more! She is currently enjoying a blissful life of love and change. She took the new name of Deedra Hanekamp, the force behind Deedra Nichole Editing, with new books released under the name Deedra Nichole. Same great stories, same powerhouse editing!

To connect with Deedra Nichole email deedranichole@outlook.com today!

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