Answering the Query: Do you charge?

Do we charge? Well, it depends on the situation and the status. If you are asking if we charge to read manuscripts or writing samples, then no. However, due to how busy we stay, we do not promise to send feedback (Unless we feel the need) or to rush your read.

If we choose to publish your manuscript we generally take 25% of the royalties in exchange for the work we do. That means that you get the remaining royalties. This work often includes, but is not limited to, Editing, Cover Design, Formatting, publishing, Marketing assistance, and often more.

We do our best to try and bring your work to life in a way that you can be proud of it.

We do not charge to publish the anthology submissions…Depending on the anthology we even pay royalties for some of them.

If you are not publishing with us we do charge for editing – $0.20 per word in most cases with a 50-word free test edit. (The test edit is where we determine the final per word cost. If the manuscript is edit needy the price may go up. For lighter editing needs it may go down.)

If you want us to do cover design and are not publishing with us…the price is variable but usually around 30 per cover.

If you are not publishing with us, each of the services we do for our authors is available but with a variable price…on a case by case basis.

We try to be reasonable in our pricing because we want to see you succeed.

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